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Who got us into this mess and who can get us out?

Obviously in business I usually keep my political opinions to myself, as not to offend anyone.  But folks, can't do it anymore.  And while I'm not putting down any political party, because I am SURE, non of those folks in Washington DC are using any common sense, I am urging YOU to write to your officials in Washington.  They keep telling us what is best for America.  Lets tell them.  After all, WE THE PEOPLE, are America.


I've seen poll after poll floating around the Internet about who do you think got us into this mess?

1. The government

2. Wall Street

3. Greedy Consumers

And congress seems to be pushing that their legislation is the only way out of it.  I tend to disagree.  A larger national debt and a larger government that must be subsidized with more tax revenue is NOT the way out.

Milton Friedman, a former recipient of the Nobel memorial prize in Economic Sciences said it best in this 1979 interview.  "nowhere in recorded history has government improved the life of the lot of people."

America, we've got to do something, we can't just turn off the television and ignore the news and think happy thoughts.  We can not continue to allow our elected officials to use their own judgment in the place of common sense. 

Do you care?  Have you written your senator?  your congressmen?  the Speaker of the House?  The President?

I'm not suggesting mailing them a tea bag.  But you must have an opinion and we must voice our opinions. 

My opinion is out of control government spending can not continue.  It has to stop and they have to hear it from us that we demand it stop.

Make your voice BE HEARD.  Write.  Even if our opinions differ I believe every Americans voice should be heard by their elected officials.  Here is the web site where your voice can and should be heard.  Please take the time to write.

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • March 22 2009 06:57PM