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Here We Go Loop de HOLE, Here We Go Loop de LIE!

jpg photoCan you NAME THIS TUNE!  Name That Tune was a famous prime time TV show that aired on both NBC and CBS in the 50's. Then briefly again in the 60's and 70's.  Basically the contestants were provided a series of clues and they would bid downward the number of notes in which they could name that tune until they were challenged by the opponent to name that tune.   

The title of this blog is a spin-off of a song with the lyrics "Here we go loop de loo; here we go loop de li, all on a Saturday Night".

It seems apparent to me that Loopholes in our legislation are an inherent part of our day to day business as usual on Capitol Hill.  I cannot help but wonder...Are our legislators so inept at writing "airtight" legislation or is it that the bills are the result of a finely crafted work of writing art?

This initial draft for this post has been in my Word program for several weeks; however, events of the past few days have motivated me to complete this post.  In fact, the revelation by Senator Charles Dodd has so timely answered my above question, "Are our legislators so inept at writing "airtight" legislation or is it that the bills are the result of a finely crafted work of writing art"?

Senator Dodd denied any involvement in crafting the language of the bill that enabled AIG to pay out massive bonuses to their executives one day to only "fess up" and recant his denial the following day under pressure and questioning by news reporters. He came clean in his writing of changes (finely crafted loophole) citing pressure from the Obama Administration.  What price will Senator Dodd pay for his bald faced lie to the American public?

I am so compelled to believe that most, if not all, legislation contains "finely crafted loopholes" designed to provide advantages to lobbyists and special interest groups. In fact, it would not surprise me that language is often crafted by lobbyists/special interest groups and placed strategically in the mouths and pens of our legislators.

Public outrage centered squarely on AIG and their payment of bonuses has been deafening and our legislators have reacted with words and actions of contempt for what has transpired.  However, the American Public needs to understand that theirs is a "smoke screen" with the intent of directing any responsibility away from them.

Yesterday's passage of a bill that would assess a 90% tax on bonuses over and above $250 thousandjpg photo dollars, retroactive, was by no means the "finest hour" of our government.  It is contrary to the "Rule of Law" and clearly demonstrates a diversion of attention away from their ineptness and culpability, but more so, a "Vengeful Act".   What are we doing?  Where are the core values of our Constitution in the minds of our legislators?  Despicabally, they have trampled on our Constitution!

Just as importantly their actions are undermining the trust and confidence of the American Public as well as our foreign friends, regardless of any party affiliation!

Let's digress back to the question of loopholes in our laws!  Restore some of my confidence in our government (please) by providing me with one or more examples where a bill or act ever lived up to the fanfare of its purported purpose.  One that was ever over-estimated in its cost to the American Taxpayer.  One that did not contain any loophole(s) "so discovered" by some special interest group.

Where are the ideals and values entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers?  If you here some rumbling in the ground it is most likely the sound of our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves!

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