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Let’s Cease and Desist Using the Title or Label of….CZAR!

There is an old cliché or saying "we are what we eat"!  I am one that believes that once a thought, idea or concept gains a foothold in any society, whether or not it takes on positive or negative connotations, it becomes an increasingly accepted belief or mentality.

As such, could it be that we become what we speak?  Think on it!

Drug Czar, Climate Czar, Health Czar, Budget and Oversight Czar!  Could it be that we will soon have a government full of Czar's, or Tsar's depending on your spelling preference.  How many really understand the meaning or definition of the word "CZAR"?  What do you associate the word with?

IMO, Czar, as used in our government, takes on negative connotations!

Encartadefines Czar or Tsar as an Autocrat, a tyrant.  There are those that would associate this word with Socialism.

Is the term "Czar" something that "We The People" want to embrace as an accepted term or position within our government and way of life?  I pray not!

I would encourage that all who agree take up the cause of banning this word/title from use in our government and its' officials!  Remember....We Surround Them!

I am personally sending a copy of this blog/post to all my elected representatives and some conservatative advocates.

What say ye?

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • March 19 2009 11:27AM