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AIG - Congress wants to Throwout The Rule of Law.

In the United States House of Representatives today they are trying to throwout the Rule of Law over the Congress' embarrassment.  What embarrassment? The AIG bonuses.

I know the emotional response for this is it is wrong, wrong, wrong!  BUT the question is What Laws have been broken? NONE.  AIG had contracts with their employees and they paid them what they were owed.

What has me personally outraged is Congress wants to pass a 'Special' Bill' to tax the people who recieved AIG bonuses because that is NOT FAIR.  Again no laws were broken.  This bill if passed WILL set a very dangerous precedent.   When Congress does not like what is done in your business; someone makes a profit on a book or song; television or radio show makes money that the Congress does not like - They will simple TAKE the money by force. 

This is other example of Socialism from Congress (Democrats and Republicans). 

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • March 19 2009 11:26AM