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When did the Bill of Rights expire?


WARNING: This blog contains foul language.


Today I wrote a blog about gun ownership and the Second Amendment. As a reply to my blog one person wrote that with all of the gun violence in our country today, we should not have the right to guns anymore.

Thank you Mister Tyrant. Thank you for deciding that a right given to us by a bunch of people who lost everything they had in fighting for that right, should no longer apply. Thank you for unilaterally deciding that our Bill of Rights is no longer valid. Thank you for acting much like totalitarian dictators do when they will not allow their citizens to own guns. Thank you for taking away something that more than a few people have fought and died for.

Next time someone threatens his life I guess he may inform the criminal that a gun is no longer a right.

One part of me wants to kick the living shit out of an idiot who thinks our Bill of Rights has expired. The more civilized part of me just wants to tell the guy to shove it up his ass.

Join the NRA today and stop these fools from trampling on our rights.

Comment balloon 6 commentsKevin Robinson • February 27 2009 12:58PM


Anyone reading this blog will instantly detect the indignant anger and mind set of the author.    Would you trust a gun in the hands of this guy?

Posted by David W. Langford (Promo-Plates car nameplates by Ameri-Plates) over 10 years ago


No kidding I am angry. There are too many people like you who think our rights are outdated or no longer apply. So would you take a gun away from anyone who is angry or ever will be? Cars kill more people than guns do in this country. How about we take cars away from anyone who is angry or will possibly be angry in the future.

Anger is a human emotion. Just because one is angry does not mean they will kill someone if they have a gun in their possesion. That is very small minded thinking. I could kill someone with a baseball bat in my hand. Maybe we should take baseball bats away from any players in a game that get really mad.

How do you plan to defend yourself against an intruder in your home? They will have a gun because they are a criminal. Drugs are illegal. I bet we could both buy some within the next hour if we tried. What will you do, attempt to talk them out of killing you? Maybe you have never been in a situation that requires self-defense. If you have not I recommend going to a rough neighborhood and walking around for a bit. It is easy to feel safe in a nice neighborhood. You may just need to get out of the coffee house and into the ghetto a bit more.




Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 10 years ago


Just check his profile - it explains everything - from Detroit, 30 year career as "a columnist and major market broadcast journalist" - enough said!



Posted by Jeff over 10 years ago


 I myself have never owned a gun, but that is completely a personal decision because in my younger days I did not trust myself. I,ve done quite enough damage with my bare hands to be ashamed of in the past. Now that  It's hard to even remember my old self  I have actually been thinking  of purchasing one just for self defense because I am afraid this country is headed to chaos . Just the same many of my friends and relatives hunt and I would defend yours or anyone elses right to have a gun. Quite honestly it is because of opinions like the gentleman above that I am starting to feel arming myself may be necessary.

Posted by Hugh Krone, Realtor, Sussex County NJ (Weichert Referral Associates) over 10 years ago

I have a couple.  I have a right to own them...  I bought one as an investment, and the other was a gift. 

David, if you are against guns, you should post a sign in your front yard that says "gun free zone".  How do you think the criminal element would respond?  Right now, you are getting a free ride because some of the criminals are worried that there might be a gun inside a house...

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) over 10 years ago

Kevin - Gun ownership is our right and it is one thing take does keep criminals second guessing about who to rob.  I have owned weapons all of my adult life and am a concealed carry permit holder.

Posted by x Bye Bye, Delete Account (x) over 10 years ago