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No defense allowed

Damn these folks are working fast. Liberals have never made any bones about guns. They hate them and they hate us owning them. They have tried for years to rewrite the Second Amendment. Every chance that they get, they make it harder to own a gun.

Right now in our own Congress (the people who supposedly work for us) there is a bill to do it again. They have written in lots of legal mumbo jumbo to make it harder to buy a gun. More licensing restrictions, more paperwork, more BS. Anything to stop Americans from exercising their right to own a gun. The bill is being called HR 45.

The libs have written one huge thing into this bill. With this one concept they will effectively take our right to defend ourselves away from us. Forever. In this bill is a clause that forces any owner of a handgun, whether they just bought it or have had it for 30 years, to sign an affidavit that promises they will not keep the gun in a place where they can use it for self-defense. In addition, the signor indicated that ammo will be kept seperate from the gun.

These lib know that if they want to control us, and they do, they must do away with our ability to defend ourselves. This bill, if it passes will do permanent damage to one of our greatest freedoms.

 Here are my recommendations:

1. Read the full text of the bill. You can find it on the US Congress site or NRA site or any of a dozen sites. But READ the entire text not what some lib media fool tries to say it says.

2. Join the NRA. They are the greatest asset we have right now. We all must ban together on this one. For $25 you can hopefully protect yourself.

3. Write, email, or call all of your elected officials in Washington DC.  Remind them they work for you and tell them how you feel.

4. Read up on the liberal fool who is starting this bill:

Americans who value freedom better fight hard on this one.

Comment balloon 7 commentsKevin Robinson • February 27 2009 12:11PM


I hear what you're saying...   "Guns don't kill people....People kill people!"    But think for a moment, if the volume of guns and easy access to them were reduced there would be fewer people killed by them.   Guns are OK in the hands of responsible, legitimate sportsmen....but no right thinking individual would believe for an instant that cheap Saturday night specials, high powered fully automatic weapons or overpowered .457 magnum pistols rightfully belong in the hands of everyone.

Guns serve only one purpose...   KILLING! For most Americans' the need to hunt for food has long past.    We've also long past the day when owning a gun should be a right as proven by the number of gun murders, woundings and intimidations nationwide.  All guns should be fully registered and stiff penalties handed out to violators.   Anyone who's lost a son or daughter to gun violence will likely agree.  

If that makes be a be it.

Posted by David W. Langford (Promo-Plates car nameplates by Ameri-Plates) over 10 years ago


I am all for punishing someone who commits a crime with a gun. I do beleive, however, that I have the right to own a gun, and to use it for self-defense.

I know someone who did lose a son to gun violence. The son broke into an old ladies home at night to rob her. He threatened her with a gun and she shot him. That is what is called self-defense. That is very different than going to a mall or a school and shooting people.

Criminals do not obey laws. They will still have guns. I would like to have one as well.

Our Consitution spells it out pretty clearly. It is a right, not a past right.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 10 years ago

Just musing here about the comment above, do you wonder about the killing of people that was done with a gun... How many of THOSE guns were legally obtained and licensed?

It's like cars, you don't take away the right to drive of responsible citizens because SOME CITIZENS have deadly accidents, .. cars kill many Americans every year in every state.

Posted by South Austin Real Estate Blog (Sky Realty South Austin) over 10 years ago

I would gladly register my guns and I keep them secureed so that children and criminals do not get ahold of them. The proliferation of leathal weapons in the hands of criminals and unstable people along with accidental deaths of children can be controlled in a sensible way.  The NRA is a business association lobbying for gun manufacturers.  Let them deal with some safety regulations for all of our benefit.

Posted by Ed Junker, Good neighbor, great Realtor. (Re/Max Crown Realty) over 10 years ago

I wonder what other parts of our Bill of Rights some people think have expired.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 10 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up Kevin. 

Posted by Brian Opperud (Hot Realty Leads) over 10 years ago

Kevin ~ You forgot one more thing. Buy a gun and make a liberal mad. I will do both, buy a gun and join the NRA.

Posted by Broker Nick, Broker Nick Relocation Broker Service (South Florida Real Estate & Development, Inc.) over 10 years ago