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"Take a number please". On the back wall of the office was one of those take-a-number machines. Everyone else in the office had a number in their hand. No one was looking anywhere but at the ground. Some were asleep in their chairs. The lady behind the desk was playing solitaire on her computer. Whenever someone asked her a question, she merely responded with one of two answers: "Take a number please" or "fill out this form and return it to the box".

DMV? Nope. The government run doctors office.

We are quickly heading in that direction. President Obama wants to make room in the budget for a $634 billion down payment on universal health care. Here we go. Do we really want government running our healthcare now? They do not run anything very well and this cannnot be the one thing they do well. Just the fact that our government regulates the holy you know what out of our current system is one reason why healthcare is so expensive. I know the liberal crybabies, with their class envy BS like to say it is because drug companies and insurance companies are greedy. They always seem to forget to mention that our goverment keeps sticking their nose into the whole business with requirements that not only jack up the cost but also slow down the process.

Go to the DMV in a large city. Look around. Now imaginde going through that while you are sick. We need to bring back capitalism before it too late.

Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • February 26 2009 09:55AM


Kevin-  My husband says the same things.  He is for the healthcare part, but, thinks the government wants to run everything and then we are always looking to's scary to think that's really what will happen.  My husband just heard about the government putting some type of fees on the hybrid cars that people buy to save gas, etc.., but now because that's working, those who own those cars will incur fees.  Poor people who can't afford new hybrid cars have to pay for the gas in a gas guzzler so it's not fair to them????What??

Posted by Tina Allen (Exit Realty Tri-County) over 10 years ago

Kevin - I just wrote something very similar to this. I come from the land that invented universal health care. Trust me - it will cost you WAY more than your insurance does (currently running at 12% of your income in the UK) and it does not work!!!!!

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) over 10 years ago

Hi Kevin~ It's a scary path we're headed down. People have such blinders on they're not asking any questions, they're just blindly going along with whatever they're told. I've never seen such naivety when it comes to politics and the future of this country!

Posted by Donna Shuman, REALTOR - Marketing for Richard Shuman - (Florida Wholesale Realty Corp) over 10 years ago

If anyone wants to see how socialized healthcare will work just visit a VA hospital.  It will scare you to death!

Posted by x Bye Bye, Delete Account (x) over 10 years ago