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Take from the rich, or the middle class

If Mr. Barack wins the Presidency, and the Dems control both houses of Congress, we are going to be in trouble. Mr. Barack, along with Speaker Pelosi, are socialists, and believe that taxes should be raised. For those who do not know this, simply read what they have voted for and what they have written over the years. They will raise our taxes. For whomever believes that they will only force the rich to be "patriotic", just take a look at what President Clinton did with taxes when he promised only those making over a certain income would be raised. For those that do not know this, please read up on it before making comments.

Our new higher taxes will not just come in the form of payroll taxes. Oh, yes, you will get to pay more out of your paycheck, but it will be concealed better than in the past. FICA will be increased, and more than likely, some new FICA type columns will be added to your paycheck. FICA 1, FICA 2, FICA 3 may be just the start.

As always, there will be folks who think that when they get back money after filing their returns, that they are getting a bonus. The problem is that their "bonus" will be eaten up by hidden taxes. Look for new types of federal phone tax. gas tax, cable TV tax, alcohol tax, property tax, etc. These taxes will be in the shape of fees, and will be gradual.

The federal government will charge a tax on states, who will put a tax on counties, who get the picture.

Take moment sometime and read the Consitution. Read what it says about the federal government taxing us. Oh, and remember this, Mr. Barack came out yesterday and stated that the US Constitution is a hindrance to where we need to be. Keep that in mind when you vote for change next week.



Comment balloon 5 commentsKevin Robinson • October 28 2008 11:47AM


Well said Kevin:  Check out this link:

Posted by June Stark, Las Vegas Condos & Luxury Homes Expert (Elite Realty-Luxury Homes & Condos On & Off the Strip) over 11 years ago

Intersting. I do believe we are treading on some very thin ice...we sall see.

Posted by Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty, Fifteen Years Experience in Brevard County (Bucci Realty, Inc.) over 11 years ago

Thin ice for sure. We will break through if he wins next week.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 11 years ago

Americans are some of the strongest willed folks on the planet. I have faith that regardless of where this is headed, it will eventually turn around. It may be a bumpy ride though.

Posted by Trey Thurmond, College Station , Texas Homes (BCR Realtors) over 11 years ago

Kevin - 50% death tax. The Government will take half of everything you managed to accumulate during your lifetime. I agree with trey though - if he wins, it will be a bumpy ride but I have faith in this country which is why I chose to make it my home. We will find a way out of the trouble eventually.

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) over 11 years ago