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Freedom of expression

Just got back from vacation. I had all these blog ideas planned for my first day back on AR- how great my vacation was, the whole unrelenting Pelosi thing, Hugh dropping off AR, etc.- but today one story in the news caught my eye. Here goes.

My family and I are big Olympic supporters. We have attended a few and we have sent the US Team some big bucks. We are idealists to the bone as far as the Olympics go. When Beijing was picked to host the 2008 Summer Games, we felt it was a mistake. A lot of people felt the same way. For a while it seemed that China was really trying to turn over a new leaf, at least in the world's eyes. The new leaf has been torn to shreds.

China has banned Joey Cheek from participating. The gold medalist has been banned because he took a stance on Darfur, and the human rights violations occuring there. China, of course, has a few human rights violations in that area, so they took it close to the heart and got mad.

Obviously China has no idea what freedom means. Obviously communism has no room for individual ideas. Obviously China should not be hosting the Olympic Games.

It will take the Olympics years to recover from China and communism.

Comment balloon 13 commentsKevin Robinson • August 06 2008 09:58AM


Great Post. God Bless America

Posted by Douglas Cartwright (Bankers Life/Colonial Penn) almost 11 years ago

Agreed! Great post, The olympics is not a platform for politics! Go U.S.A.

Posted by John Guiney, e-PRO, CBR (Keller Williams Realty) almost 11 years ago

I can't believe the Olympics would let China have a say so in the participant's political or social views.  China can 't even give it's people decent air to breathe.

Posted by Audrey June-Forshey, GRI, Gaithersburg, MD (RE/MAX Realty Services) almost 11 years ago

Kevin - I was going to blog on this myself. It's a true disgrace. Also, the Chinese beat up to Japanese journalists on Monday. By the way - in case you missed it, go check out my Olympics post.

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) almost 11 years ago

I'm really surprised the IOC hasn't done more to protect the rights of athletes in cases like this.  It is absolutely ridiculous to hear about this sort of thing happening in this day and age. Good post.

Posted by Ray Nelson (Exit Realty Expertise) almost 11 years ago

Maybe the 'Powers that Be' plan to infiltrate the country from the iside by exposing the residents to our materialistic way of life?

Posted by Joan Snodgrass (Midamerica Referral Network) almost 11 years ago

It is really sad when you think about it.  These people put their whole lives into training and preparing for the Olympics, not to mention what it takes for them to actually make it onto the team. To be told, after all of that blood, sweat, and tears that you could possibly have problems participating because of your political views is simply absurd! Do you really think that, out of all the people in all the countries slated to participate in the Olympics, that Cheeks is the only one with conflicting views than the Chinese government holds? I honestly think not.  I think this is China's way of snubbing their noses at the U.S.A. and every other country partciating and again, it is just really sad.


Posted by Renae Bolton, I'm your Professional Real Estate Marketing VA! (Marketing 4 Realtors) almost 11 years ago

I agree with you & the previous comments. I don't understand the choice. We can only pray that the Olympics go off without too much conflict and safely for the athletes. And maybe, I know it's a long shot, but enough publicity to pressure the Chinese government to reform. God Bless the USA!

Posted by Trey Affolter, Brings HOME Results! (Keller Williams Realty) almost 11 years ago

Perhaps the IOC should make Athens a permanent Olympics site to be used by those athletes who are barred from the current host country for poliltical reasons.  That would emphasize the true spirit of the Olympics and honor those athletes who have made the sacrifice but, using their right of free speech, upset the host country.

Posted by Bill Schwent, Santa Fe Broker (Casa Tierra Realty) almost 11 years ago

That has been suggested before, but unfortunately there is too much money around the Olympics now and so that will never happen.

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) almost 11 years ago


It is all a shame. Nothing is what it appears to be over there right now.

Posted by Trey Thurmond, College Station , Texas Homes (BCR Realtors) almost 11 years ago

China is really showing the world what they would like to be and clearly are not

Posted by Jason Mitchell (Realty Executives) almost 11 years ago

Kevin - welcome back, thanks for posting. Somehow I missed the Cheek story. Terrible.

Looking forward to your other topics.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) almost 11 years ago