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How not to sell anything

Two weeks ago my wife and I spent most of Saturday shopping for hot tubs. In our small town there are actually 4 places that sell them, and between them, they cover most of the name brands. The salesmen at 2 of them did a real nice job of giving us a reason to buy their model, while the other 2 did not. We came home and did some further online research of the 2 brands that we liked.

Saturday night, the manager of one of the stores called us to see what we thought. I thanked him for all of the information that his salesperson gave us and told him that we were currently doing research and if we had any questions we would contact him. He thanked me and that was that. Monday morning my phone rang and it was the salesman from the same place. He invited us to come and sit in the hot tub while it was running. I informed him that we would call him back if we decided to do so. On Monday and Tuesday, the same salesmen called me 4 more times. I called the manager and politely asked him to please refrain from calling me, and that if I was in need of further information, I would call them. Thank you.

No phone calls for a few days. Friday when I arrived home there was a big card in the mail from the store. It simply thanked us for coming in. No problem. On Saturday our mail delivery person knocked on the door and said she had an envelope for us. It looked like it would fit in mailbox. She said it had postage due of $.75. I asked who it was from.

My favorite hot tub store.  I refused the envelope. We started feeling like we were being stalked by the place.

As of this minute, this place has done everything possible to drive our business away. The funny thing is, they do a great business in our town. Most of our friends, we have discovered, have purchased from them. My dilemma now has nothing to do with a hot tub. It has to do with marketing my own business. Do I bug the living you know what out of people or do I talk to them once and then wait for them to call me back? Do some people actually respond to loads of phone calls and cards in the mail? Is there a middle position that will sell without being obnoxious? Do only I think this type of selling is obnoxious?

Does anyone want to help me on this?

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • March 26 2008 09:53AM