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On E

Sitting in my car at the gas station. Right next to the pumps with my driver's side door open. All ready to pump but one little problem exists. I forgot my debit card. No cash either (what is cash?).

I am in a big hurry. Meeting some possible clients across town, although my town is only 5 miles wide, in less than 15 minutes. Tank close to empty. Darn!


I wonder aloud. Why do we not have some type of gas entitlement program? It is not really my fault that my tank is on E. Come on now, with the price of gas, and the MPG of my older sports car, I should not really be held responsible for buying gas every stinking time my tanks gets low. Add to that the fact that I am sincerely trying to add to my communities economy by brokering a big deal here.

What if I was on my way to the hospital in a life and death situation? What if I was an illegal immigrant who could not pass the E-verify stuff, and thus could make no money? What if I was unemployed and on the way to job interview? What if I was on my way to be the best man (?) in a transgender wedding? What if I was on my way to a big protest?

Lifetime politicians who pander to entitlement junkies, listen up!


Comment balloon 12 commentsKevin Robinson • December 29 2011 11:35AM


Might be advantageous to stash a $20 somewhere in the car for the next emergency!

Posted by Kathy Sheehan, Senior Loan Officer (Bay Equity, LLC 770-634-4021) over 7 years ago

I have $100 that I have FORGOTTEN until NEEDED in my wallet.  I go to the ATM when I am down to my last $20....Living in the country, I can't let my tank get below HALF.....I doubt Obama is coming to put gas in my tank(s)

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 7 years ago

There is entitlements for free cell phones and don't forget the unearned income credit you can file for in just a few days.

Posted by Mike Frazier, Northwest Tennessee Realtor (Carousel Realty of Dyer County) over 7 years ago

You could blame it on the rich 1% for not paying their fair share. Or, just blame it on Bush.

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 7 years ago

And I think this blog is entitled to be featured on the AR Dashboard;)

Posted by Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life (Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina) over 7 years ago

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Posted by Broker Nick, Broker Nick Relocation Broker Service (South Florida Real Estate & Development, Inc.) over 7 years ago

Kevin, please don't give those idiots in Washington any ideas.  I can see it now.  A card for all those that "qualify"  The oil lobby will give millions to congress to get it passed.  Politicians will speak of helping the poor move through our great country.  And you and I, will get pissed when we see the cards being used.  Don't put anything past these folks.  Don't give them any ideas.  We already give heating oil subsides, it can just be expanded to include gasoline.

Hell, on a roll, Maybe the government can give away the Chevy Volt, then pay for the electrical charge!

Posted by Dale Terry over 7 years ago

I keep a $20 bill in my little information book in the glove compartment.  It is only used for emergencies.

But that is just me.

And hey, I'm ENTITLED TO IT!     ;>)

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 7 years ago

And by the way, Robinson, I am entitled to your blog points.

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 7 years ago

They have entitlements for everything else.  The schools give out free lunches and free breakfasts and free condoms.  Government housing, government cell phones, government healthcare, why not free gas?  Heck throw in a free car too while they are at it.

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 7 years ago

What about my Caribbean island?!  You chintzy, chintzy citizens you.

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 7 years ago

Living in Southern California, being "on E", has a different meaning. ;)

One thing the progressives have a habit of doing is equating society with government. I have been in your shoes (I am married and having no cash is a common thing, but I digress...) and I was able to get a couple of gallons of gas by giving someone my business card with a promise of paying them back. This notion that government should provide for the people is just crazy in my book. Do I like borrowing from complete strangers? No. Should I be more responsible in the future? Yes. Should I expect the government to bail me out? Absolutely not. For what the government gives, they can get back and they have to take it from someone else to give it to me. 

Posted by Satar Naghshineh (Satar - Amiri Property and Financial Services Corp.) over 7 years ago