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Cut Your Own Damn Salary!

Read an article this morning where Sarah Palin gave a speech at a California college in the central valley. I know the area and the college. She laid the truth on the line when she basically said " the Feds are taking away the lives of farmers in that area due to a 3 inch fish". That story should be known by most already. The fish is obviously more important to libs than the people. Nothing new.

What is new in this story was buried at the bottom. State ( and liberal) Senator Leland Yee came out and said that Mrs. Palin should have done the speech for free because "some of the strudents cannot afford to go to college". He also stated that she should have done it gratis for the goodness of the college.

Ok here we go. Hey Leland buddy, do you do your job for free? Why don't you not take a salary this year becuase many in your state cannot afford things? Better yet, how about you and your colleagues, besides not taking a salary, lower all state fees, property taxes, and sales taxes for the goodness of the state? How about reversing some, or all of the states BS regulations that make it hard for folks to start a new business, or operate an ongoing one?

Leland, maybe you could find out for those students, how many of them that grew up in CA, while their parents paid taxes in that state, have to pay more tuition than some kid of an illegal who pays  much less. Maybe you could stop charging the folks who live in CA, and have for a long long time, taxes to pay for illegals who come there and expect the world on a silver platter, ie.- free food, medical, housing, and other goodies.

I submit this to State Senator Leland Yee:  You are the problem, not Sarah Palin!



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 Mortgage pros such as myself have taken a 50% cut in our earning potential on every loan due to the Dodd-Frank Legislation.

 By the way, is that a '63 Caddy in your picture?

Posted by Robert Amato (Bob Amato of Empire Home Mortgage Inc) about 8 years ago

Good post. Not surprising to see someone at the heart of the problem trying to blame someone else.

Posted by Walter Hayes, Make the Right Move! (Oak Creek Realty Group LLC) about 8 years ago