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Missing A Chromosome Or Two

Another one? Come on. If a bunch of your colleagues have been getting in trouble for goofing off on the job, you would want to clean up your own act.

The FAA had to suspend (a bit too soft in my opinion) yet another air traffic idiot over the weekend. This clown was watching a DVD while working. Even funnier ( if you want to call it that) was he accidentally left the mic in the transmit position so that all of the pilots in the area could hear the movie, but none of them could transmit to the tower.

Obviously we have a problem in our air traffic control towers. It seems that everytime one of these folks gets caught, the FAA tells us that all is well and the problem is under control. And then Bammo!, another one bites the dust. Makes me want to go out and fly this week. Too late, already flew. Scary.

For one thing, the whole suspending of the worker is stupid. Firing without any recourse is the only way to go. These morons have lives at stake when they work. When they screw up people can die or get severely hurt.

Right now I am truly not sure about the brainpower therein. They are truly in a class by themselves.

Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

Comment balloon 6 commentsKevin Robinson • April 19 2011 11:29AM


One strike and you are out! This needs to be dealt with seriously and these air trafic controlers need to know right now, that there is a no tolerance on this issue. Too many lives are at stake.

Posted by Paul Walker, Scott AFB IL Area Realtor (Equity Fifty Five Realty, LLC) over 6 years ago

I was in Hawaii during the PATCO incident and the threat of an air traffic control slow or stoppage would have crippled the tourist economy of the entire state.  Reagan was RIGHT to do what he did and the FAA needs Fred Thompson to Kick Some A--!

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 6 years ago

We can't fire them.  They have protected union jobs.  If the stoires were not so scary, it would almost be comical.

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 6 years ago

These reported lapses in judgement are unacceptable, but lets not forget we have the busiest AND safest ATC system in the world...a few bad apples.  Though what chromosomes have to do with it, I have no idea. 

The problem with the public perception of ATC is that that most folks have no clue as to how it all works, thus any 'bad press' (which seems to ALWAYS miss-report incidents) is compounded by that public ignorance...

Posted by Karl Hess, on The Jersey Shore (Keller Williams Shore Properties) over 6 years ago

That is a very hard and demanding job. When I fly I try to get along with the controllers unless they give me a hard time then I throw it back in their face.

Personally I would not be a controller.

Posted by Mike Frazier, Northwest Tennessee Realtor (Carousel Realty of Dyer County) over 6 years ago

Unmotivated,lazy,irresponsible,government employees? Tell me it isn't so! At least we can rest assured,we the taxpayers can pay for their retirement so they can sustain their $100k/yr (including benefits) lifestyle.

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 6 years ago