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That Should Help - Not


A little economic lesson is in store for GM and its backer: our government. So this is where our tax dollars went. Can't sell a product, ask more for it. Maybe I will start to run my biz that way in the future.


GM, who is having trouble selling cars now and is getting absolutely no help from their Volt dud, announced that 2 weeks from today it will raise prices across the board on its vehicles by an aveage of $123 - for higher oil and steel prices.

Not a good move. Do they think that they are the only ones experiencing higher oil prices? Have they heard of inflation?

If they want sales, they're going to have to cut prices. If they want to stay in business, they're going to have to cut the fat.

Unless the public perceives a product as being undervalued - not the case with GM - raising the price is never a good way to increase sales.




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Thanks for the repost of this blog. This is the turnpike syndrome - usership is down so raise the tolls. :)


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