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Drunk In Public

When drunks discover that they are truly a drunk, they either quit drinking or start drinking more. Ask anyone who has known a drunk.

As a country we are drunks. Right now we either must stop drinking or start drinking more. Our drink of choice is entitlement programs and if we do not stop drinking them, we will perish as a country, much like the drunk who does not stop drinking.

Just like a full blown drunk, the libs of this country get mad at us when we tell them we need to stop drinking. They blame us for shedding light on the problem.They insist that we as a country need another drink. They act like people will die if we don't drink.

Denial is a trait of drunks. They deny there is a problem.

In this country we have a problem and it is time for an intervention.


I am an American and I have a national spending problem.

There, I said it.


Comment balloon 5 commentsKevin Robinson • April 03 2011 12:30PM


GREAT point and told in such a great way!  I hope think that things in California are getting better.  The longer the budget battle goes on here, the more -eople are seeing exactly what our lib governor wants to put on us and are disagreeing!  All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Posted by Linda K. Mayer, Realtor, SRES, SoCAL, A REALTOR YOU CAN TRUST (License # 01767321) almost 8 years ago

The country as a whole is full of drunks and has been for ever.

The problem is a few may die (only a few) if they cannot have a drink. You know my cousins cousin who does nothing or my sisters sister who get a ton of cash for not growing things lol.

Get a drink, I say let them die

Enjoy the day

Posted by Don MacLean, Realtor - Homes For Sale - Franklin MA (Simolari & MacLean REMAX EXECUTIVE REALTY) almost 8 years ago


You wrote another great blog post! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Posted by John Michailidis, Real Property Management of Sarasota & M (Real Property Management of Sarasota & Manatee) almost 8 years ago

Good analogy! It amazes me that the worst drunks are in such positions ot power and resonsibilities.  I think they know if they stay drunk they can keep getting reelected; regardless of the hangover they are giving their children and grandchildren.

Posted by Joe Rocky (Coldwell Banker - McCaffrey Professionals) almost 8 years ago

Our government needs more than a 12 step program to fix the problems.  They need to be checked by the citizens and cut off completely from their drug of choice, spending.


Posted by Melissa Anderson (Mortgage of Texas & Financial) almost 8 years ago