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Jay's Tuesday Free Enterprise Quote

Right now in this country it seems that we are moving towards a level of control by our government that is unheralded in this country, up to this point. Read on ...

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.   It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

                                                     William Pitt

The youngest person to be elected British Prime Minister, Pitt had it right!

How often do we hear that we "need" this program or that program?  We "need" to take care of this group or that group.  We "need" to sustain or increase this or that entitlement?

Why do we "need" to do these things?  The reason isn't to provide!  The reason is to infringe. 

Statists cannot bear individual freedoms.  Statists cannot bear to allow more personal freedoms.  Statists cannot bear for people to think for themselves, provide for themselves, take care of themselves.

Why?  Because there is no power in such for the statist! 

The true aim of the statist is power.  The aim is always power.

Freedom implies, demands really, a lack of control.  Well, we can't have that!  That countervails the soft tyranny of statism!  Perhaps more than a mere countervail. 

Freedom CANNOT be imposed.  Slavery has to be.

Think of all that has been IMPOSED on us lately!  And all that simply cannot be paid for...



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