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Payback is hell on the Citizens!

Remember when our President was going to stop business as usual in DC? Here is an example of him doing exactly the opposite. It is time for him to go.

President Obama has been receiving only good press on the GE owned MSNBC for the last 3 years.  Remember the stupid comment by supposedly a neutral television host that said" he causes shivers to run down his leg?"  All of that good pub. doesn't come cheap.

Today we found out how much it really cost.   General Electric paid ZERO federal taxes on income of 14.2 Billion dollars.  How can that happen? 

Well, it helps if you hire mostly IRS people to work in your tax dept.   And spend millions on campaign donations to get special tax breaks.  Of course, those tax breaks need someone to promote them....and the best guy is Obama.

So under Obama, we get to pay for wind turbines (green tax breaks and special depreciation) light bulbs and billions in government contracts to GE.  But the worst and most agregious example of being bought off is the President installing the CEO of General Electric to his special Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.  One of the key items they will address are corporate taxes.


So while millions of people who lost their homes will be paying taxes on the money that was lost by the banks in the foreclosure process, GE gets a pass.  Please folks, no platitudes or comments on how great Obama is.  In the end, he is a terrible example of what a President should be.  And those that think otherwise, you are part of the problem.

Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • March 27 2011 10:03AM


As a GE stockholder, their NOT paying corp taxes just means it falls to me to pay MORE on my dividends which is why I don't sell my stocks - I BUY for the dividends....and have rental real estate to offset my income/gains...

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) about 8 years ago

I do not think the current administration changed the tax laws.  These loopholes for these large corporations have been there forever. We are headed towards only two classes, the poor and the rich.  It is the same thing as the average person income has raised 2-3 percent over the last decade, but the more affuent has risen 19 percent.  Our government (both parties) are all useless.

Posted by Linda Tremblay, Associate Broker - Bucks County, PA Real Estate Services (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc, PA License #AB065488) about 8 years ago

Linda- That is why I refer to all politicans who do get elected as elected "idiots".

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer about 8 years ago

By GE getting all those directed/special tax breaks  puts it on unfair against other corporations that do not get those special tax incentives ...especially medium.. small corporations..But back to why they can show higher profits and pay higher dividends is very artificial it gets to the point of special interests...  So people buy these stocks because of ( artificial profits)   

It's kinda falls into ? ...( too big to fail....OR... subprime loans... OR ..Burnie Madoff) 

The next questions     Is it a mimic of a monopoly ?    (we know that is not fair trade)

                                Is it similar to a bribe?         ( we know that is not fair trade)

Posted by San Antonio Texas New Homes for Sale ( about 8 years ago