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Just When They Said It Could Not Be Done

I have a friend. Scary huh? Ok, I'll wait for the jokes to finish.

He came here from a Latin American country as a LEGAL immigrant. Just for the record. No money, no car, just trying to check out the land of opportunity. He speaks decent English and is getting better all the time. He is working on it by taking classes and listening to tapes.

He worked in construction for a bit. Got himself an apartment and lived real tight financially. Worked like a dog and saved like a squirrel is his moniker. Rode the bus or a taxi everywhere. Or just walked. Bought himself a camera before he got a car. In good weather he would walk around the town and take pictures of businesses. Inside and out. The owners, the employees, the customers. Take the pics and show them to the owners. They liked them. He has a good eye. He then took the pics and created little flyers and brochures with the business name on them as well as his. He spent hours per day, on his days off, walking around passing them out. Everytime one of those brochures made it back to the business that was featured on it, they knew where it came from. He would stop by to see if the brochures were working. Yes in most cases. "I can make more... for a fee".

He started up a marketing business. Then he started doing more photo work. Portraits, sports stuff, weddings, etc. Both of his businesses flourished. He has a good personality and a keen business sense. Plus he is very honest. Now he is getting ready to start a third business. He won't tell me what it is but it is coming he says. I believe him.

This is still the Land Of Opportunity. You gotta work and you can't expect handouts. But you can do it. He did!



Comment balloon 17 commentsKevin Robinson • March 24 2011 11:22AM


Great story Kevin.  There really is no reason an individual cannot be successful in this country.

Posted by Mitch Gover ( over 8 years ago lost me at "I have a friend"....

LOL! Just kidding.  Seriously, I there is NO underestimating the power of work ethic!

Posted by Ron Tarvin, Broker, Katy, Houston, Cypress 77450,77494,77095 (Residential, Investment properties, rehab projects, property management, luxury homes, new construction!) over 8 years ago

"You gotta work and you can't expect handouts. But you can do it" -- Exactly!  This is the land of opportunity -- we just have to do the actions that get the results and many people aren't willing to participate in the "actions" part of the formula.  The "living like a squirrel" your friend did also sounds very similar to the many success stories I hear. 

Posted by Melanie Hedrick, 972-816-7205 (Elite Texas Properties, the best homes from McKinney to Dallas!) over 8 years ago

I love American success stories....but why did you have to put this negative spin on the whole thing.  Your last sentence implies that if you're not a success, you don't work hard.  There are plenty of hard working poor folks out there just able to get by.

It gets a little tiring...I wonder how much each individual "gets" from Uncle Sam.  I don't mean in check form, but in other ways.  Hey, you're from Idaho, do the farmers in Idaho get government subsidies?  That money matriculates through the economy and some of it ends up in YOUR pocket.

Posted by Karl Hess, on The Jersey Shore (Keller Williams Shore Properties) over 8 years ago

Kevin, this is the kind of story that truly inspires because it does happen, it is possible, if one were to work hard... very, very hard in most cases.

Who wouldn't want to be a friend with a guy who owns a pink car?  LOL

Posted by Yolanda Hoversten, Broker - O Fallon, IL Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties) over 8 years ago

What gets a little tiring?

Karl -I am against handouts of any type. I have argued with many of my so called conservative farmer friends here that take gov't handouts. They are not true conservatives in my book. You can put a negative spin on it but it ain't gonna happen. I agree that lots of hard working folk are not successful financially. I know many. They work in the wrong direction usually. That would make a great blog.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

Yoli- Hi. It is a great story because Albert keeps telling me how many folks told him to just get a job, or that it will not work, or that he should sign up for gov't assistance. He did none of the above. He simply worked his rear end off, day after day, night after night. When something did not work out he adjusted to make it work. He never complained while he worked days for me and nights and weekends at his other business. Even after he started making good money at his biz, he kept working as a day laborer in construction. The best part is that he is over 50. Not a spring chicken.

It is funny to me that Karl, above, is trying to put some kind of negative touch on the story. Sorry Karl. All positive.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

Kev - This is a classic American success story that is inspiring and worthy of emulating.  Your friend might not become a gazillioner, but he can be happy to know that he has achieved what some may never realize... of being a business owner... independent of handouts.  :)

Posted by Yolanda Hoversten, Broker - O Fallon, IL Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties) over 8 years ago

Kevin, if the government hand-outs end, we will start seeing more examples of this. I am featuring this on silent majority!

Posted by Mike Frazier, Northwest Tennessee Realtor (Carousel Realty of Dyer County) over 8 years ago

I love to hear of a great success story that is based on hard work.  I'm happy for your friend & hope through his success he encourages others to work & make a great life for themselves her in America.

I also LOVE the fact that he came to America legally!!!!  May God Bless Him :)

Posted by Melissa Anderson (Mortgage of Texas & Financial) over 8 years ago

Of course this is why he, and so many others, came to the US.

And Karl, money doesn't "matriculate..."  It does trickle down though.

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 8 years ago

Now that is the american dream as I remember it being told to me.  Thanks for sharing...

Posted by Raylene Estabrook (Signature Homes Real Estate Group) over 8 years ago

Ask a lib and they will tell you it cannot be done. Too bad. It was accomplished and will be  accomplished by many more.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

No system is perfect but ours is close.  It is special interests that mess it up.

Posted by Dale Terry over 8 years ago

Just like the old saying, The harder I work, the luckier I get!

Posted by Janna Scharf, Coeur d'Alene Idaho Real Estate Expert (Keller Williams Realty Coeur d'Alene) over 8 years ago

Every time I hear somebody on the news complain that there are no jobs out there or how hard it is to find work, I think of all the entrepreneurs out there that create their own jobs.  Your friend sounds like a real hard working guy.  Good for him.  He deserves the best this country has to offer.

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 8 years ago

What a heart warming story!  This guy is the type America was founded on and became GREAT with!!  I wish him all the best the world has to offer!  =))

I laughed when I read the post about hand outs.  We pay far more in taxes every year than most people earn...yet you have airheads trying to convince me that "everyone gets handouts"?  Riiiight.

Posted by Georgia over 8 years ago