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So there I was, the top of Mount Everest. The view was not even close to what I thought it would be. Too many clouds and lots of litter all over the place. Have you ever been on one of those vacations? You plan it for months. Every last detail is covered. Like a finely tuned machine, you advance to "Go", collect your $200 and move ahead. Only you end up on Baltic or Mediterranean. Park Place and Boardwalk are nowhere to be seen.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is the vacations you take with absolutely no planning. Kind of like a college weekend road trip. No idea where you are going or what you are doing. Just get in the car and go. Those always seem to go pretty good and involve lots of fun.

Maybe it has do to with expectations. In the first case, after all of the planning, you expect everything to go swimmingly. In the second, with no plans whatsoever, you can have no expectations, only hopes.

Life with a few less plans and expectations leads to a lot more excitement.


Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • March 06 2011 02:37PM


I've never had a planned vacation.  Mine usually consist of making the trip a day or two before, booking on priceline, renting a car and going where ever the road leads me. 

The best was doing that in Costa Rica, what a amazing experience.

Posted by Raiza Schwartz, CDPE (West USA Realty) over 8 years ago

Raiza- Those do seem to be the best trips by far. Thanks for the input. Have a great Sunday!

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

The last time I was in Idaho was an impromptu holiday. I watch Evil Knievel crash into the canyon wall. It was a great party. I loved Evil Knievel and I loved Idaho. Just wanted to hello. Also, I'm a student of story telling and I think your post was off the rails. But anyone who's climbed Everest is required to be inventive and clever.

Posted by Ray Ballinger over 8 years ago

My wife and I usually just go! No real plan of where we will stay, or what we are going to see or do. We have a general idea of direction we are going to go. For instance this year in May we will head to Tennessee again, but we may end up in northern Alabama, around Huntsville, not sure yet. We like to go to new areas and enjoy civil war sites, seeing historic homes, perhaps a cave.
We are always open to suggestions for things to do in an area too! Anyone with some ideas?

Posted by Paul Walker, Scott AFB IL Area Realtor (Equity Fifty Five Realty, LLC) over 8 years ago