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Hey Libs- Stop Complaining About The High Cost Of Gas

Libya Dictator---Nope.

Commodities Speculators---Nope.


None of the above. Answer E on a multiple choice test.  When assigning fault for the high cost of a gallon of gasoline for my car I do not even consider any of the above. Why should I? I live in the United States of America where there is a huge cache of oil right off the coast of CA, LA, TX, and AK. Not to mention a little tiny place called the Nat'l Petroleum Wilderness or something to that effect. Oil shortage... I do not think so.

Whenever a conservative asks a lib why we do not drill here and now the lib will always answer with some BS about how we need alternative energy sources. Blah, blah, blah. That is their credo or religion whichever you choose. I call it full of shit. They want us to be like small children. Libs hate when we are on top and kicking ass. They hate when we are the best country on Earth. They like us to be down in the dirt like all of the third world countries.

How about this year instead of hitting the big 5-0-0 we actually start drilling in our country. Maybe we would create a few jobs in the process.

Libs stop whining and thank yourself. You voted for high gas prices.



Comment balloon 20 commentsKevin Robinson • March 05 2011 09:10PM


Waiting on my check from BP.

Posted by peter gyoerkoes (Exit Realty NFI) over 8 years ago

Drill, baby, drill.  And let us drown in the oil.......I love it.  If the oil companies could just keep from blowing things up, it would be great.

Posted by Suzanne McLaughlin, Sabinske & Associates, Realtor (Sabinske & Associates, Inc. (Albertville, St. Michael)) over 8 years ago

Libs hate when we're on top, but always make sure they have their prosperity, usually by living off taxpayer dollars.

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 8 years ago

When less than 300 of the pricey Chevy Volts are sold in the month of February, 2011 and NASCAR's most POPULAR driver says the technology for the car is "not there yet".....the handwriting is on the SCORE BOARD....GREEN is not OIL!

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 8 years ago

Don't forget about the Bakken Field, Niobrara...and that isn't all.  Ken Salazar is doing his best to get all the oil and gas country converted to some type of federal land...Imagine that! 

Posted by Eileen Liles, Macht-Liles Real Estate Group - Cedaredge, CO (970-216-0530 over 8 years ago

Really?  I just don't get this piece and I refuse to drink your koolaide.  Alternative, safe fuel sources exsist and can and should be used.  There is no reason for us to be addicted to oil the way we are.  Certainly we can do some drilling but not in lieu of developing alternative fuel sources.

Posted by Kate Bourland, Onlilne Marketing Mobile Marketing (Marketing with Kate) over 8 years ago

Libs want all of us to drill outside of our country as well as being dependent on other countries. 

Posted by Larry Bettag, Vice-President of National Production (Cherry Creek Mortgage Illinois Residential Mortgage License LMB #0005759 Cherry Creek Mortgage NMLS #: 3001) over 8 years ago

How come they aren't blaming the current president like they did Bush?

Posted by Mike Frazier, Northwest Tennessee Realtor (Carousel Realty of Dyer County) over 8 years ago

Kevin - we need an all of the above approach, but we especially need to rely on our own natural resources right now.

Kate - exactly what alternative fuel resources are out there right now that would not economically damage the country to switch to? None. We do not have the infrastructure in place to support alternative fuels for either transportation, industry, agriculture or heating/cooling. Yes, there is solar, which only works well in a few locations but is prohibitively expensive for wide spread use at this time. Yes, there is wind power, which again, is only good in some locations but is potentially hazardous to people and birds, and oh yeah, nobody wants to see it. Yes, there is corn ethanol which is more expensive to produce, less efficient and more polluting than gasoline. Yes, there is natural gas, which the government is making more difficult to drill for all the time, plus, there is that infrastructure thing. And then there is the cost of not only infrastructure but to the people to switch, which most of that 95% middle class will not be able to afford to do so they will be left out in the cold so to speak. We are decades away from any viable alternative energy systems, we need to use proven technology to enable us, both economically and energy wise, to get there. Oil, nuclear & coal, as well as natural gas, wind, solar, hydrogen and whatever else is out there. Oh yeah, regarding electric cars, we still have to have fuel to fire electric production, and that comes mostly from natural gas and especially coal.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 8 years ago

We need to do both.  Drill our own resources and work on alternative methods as well.  To do neither and simply allow Middle East crazy dictators control our energy needs is stupid.  I'm very disappointed that Obama is not doing more about this.  He talks a whole lot about alternative resources but seems to be all talk and no action on just about everything except creating more regulations and higher taxes on everyone.

Posted by Rob Arnold, Metro Orlando Full Service - Investor Friendly & F (Sand Dollar Realty Group, Inc.) over 8 years ago

I am all for alternative energy but while we are trying to make it work, lets drill here, get off foreign oil, use our own oil, and keep the cost DOWN!

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

The libs who are talking about alternative energy really want to bring down the oil compaines and the coal industry.  It's their anti capitalistic pro socialism ideals that are driving their promotion of alternative energy.  Obama has stated publicly that he wants the price of gasoline to go up and has said he will bankrupt coal burning plants.


Posted by Bill Burress (Success with Burress Realtor Partnering) over 8 years ago

Bill- Whenever libs complain about the high cost of gas simply remind them that they are at fault.

Many of them actually want higher prices. Guaranteed.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago


Posted by Cheryl Campbell, Wasilla Alaska Realtor (Jack White Real Estate) over 8 years ago

lest we forget, the government and the oil companies have been in lock step for decades.  Both parties like the status quo.  Now, we have supplies being threatened and what do the governnments of the world do?  NOTHING!  So let's be clear, there is no push from any government right now to fix this thing.  There is too much money being made and too many careers in the balance. 

Of course, we could all vote them out!

Posted by Dale Terry over 8 years ago

We can't drill when our money, OK the money we borrow from others, goes to other countries so they can drill where we are not allowed.

And Kate, HA!  I love it!  Take an econ class.

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 8 years ago


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Posted by Broker Nick, Broker Nick Relocation Broker Service (South Florida Real Estate & Development, Inc.) over 8 years ago

OK, I checked into alternative energy for our home. Ground source heating/cooling was the best choice. It should pay for itself in 15 years. At that point it may need some overhauling. So the money I save after 15 years will most likely be eaten up by the maintenance. Not to mention losing a bit of square footage in the basement for the extra equipment. The solar guy told me to expect a 20 year payback and the panels are good for about 20 years. He also told me we had no wind to make much dent and even if we did, the turbines need maintenanced on a yearly basis. He still thought solar and ground source were well worth it.... of course these savings were with the government program kicking a good bit back to us! There is no savings in alternative energy... except to our environment. And I believe that to be nominal at this point. That's my experience in trying to be green.... oh and by the time the fluorescent bulbs warm up, I'm usually out of the room and don't need the light on anymore.

Posted by Bob & Bonnie Horning over 8 years ago

B&B - you got that right!  I could put up quite a post from the perspective of an energy inspector. 

I used to offer energy insights into people's homes as a part of my home inspection service.  Now people pay me to do it!  Now that's green!

Green always means mo' money...

P.s.  The solar guy didn't tell you that those panels contain over 50 elements banned from land fills, to when you replace them, or remove them, the "environmental" fee is huge!  They got you coming and going!

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 8 years ago

By the way, Bob and Bonnie, geothermal heat pumps are excellent and quite cost effective.

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 8 years ago