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PETA and TSA Together? Strange Bedfellows

As if the scanner thing was not bad enough, now you might have to listen to some PETA  member.

TSA was going to use the Iditarod race in Alaska in order to recruit new employees. They need them in 22 airports in Alaska. TSA was not sponsoring the event , just using it as a means of looking for new agents.

PETA  put pressure on TSA to back off because of what PETA feels is an animal cruelty event.

The story is on Yahoo. The link is too long to put on here. Just look up TSA and Iditarod. You will find it.


See if you can sort this story out.

In the meantime, I have a better idea. Lets get rid of both PETA the TSA. Oh yeah, and Janet N.

Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • February 20 2011 10:00AM


Better the FROZEN North than a NASCAR race * touch my boy dog's JUNK and they will get BIT - the Boy can't help it!  It's in his genes!

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) almost 9 years ago

Kevin - I concure with your parting suggestion, in a non-violent democratic way of course.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) almost 9 years ago

Mike- Yeah of course, no viloence intended. PETA has become a joke and TSA has too in my never humble opinion. Janet N. is just a goofball.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer almost 9 years ago

Wallace- Yeah they better keep PETA and the TSA out of NASCAR.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer almost 9 years ago