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The 5 Most Miserable Cities

Did you read the article about the most miserable cities in America?

Here is the link to it:

Basically what is says in a nutshell is California sucks. More accurately the great central valley sucks. You can read the entire article yourself and learn how the cities were analyzed for misery. But as a former central valley resident I can tell you what makes those places suck.

When you live in a gated community that is surrounded by ghetto, there is a problem. When on every fence and commercial building wall there is graffiti, the place ain't none to good. When you go to a convenience store to buy a soda and the clerk is behind bullet proof glass, you are not in a great area. When you go to the DMV to register your car, and the workers are playing solitaire, and the line is 50 deep, and only half of the people in that line speak English, things are going bad. When you get panhandled while pumping gas, and at the grocery store, and at Home Depot, and at every intersection, and at every freeway offramp, and at your house in a gated community, there is a problem.

When half of your valley, that used to be farmland, has no water in which to grow food, matters are not good, When half of that same valley seems occupied by illegal immigrants, that were farm workers, but now are not, because there are no farms, and yet they still live in old dilapidated farmhouses, and throw their trash on the roadside, and live off the system, it is not utopia.

When you go to the emergency room with a broken leg, and no one else there in the waiting room speaks English, and they all seem to just have a cold or the flu, you are in trouble. When normal middle class folk cannot afford to register their car, or they cannot pass the smog requirements, things are going the wrong direction.

When unelected bureacrats make laws, and when every politician is a liberal who has never run anything except the local activist hangout, you had better run. When criminals and union thugs hold sway with your govt, it is time to leave.

Misery loves company. If you see any of this happening at your locale, take action. It happens fast. Believe me.



Comment balloon 10 commentsKevin Robinson • February 08 2011 09:51AM


Hi Kevin -- Some of those situations sound very concerning.  How are things going in Idaho?

Posted by Melanie Hedrick, 972-816-7205 (Elite Texas Properties, the best homes from McKinney to Dallas!) over 8 years ago

WOW it sounds like a bad movie.

Posted by Linda Lohman, Former Teacher/Broker (Fonville Morisey Realty) over 8 years ago

Too bad...  It is hard to read about that - I especially feel for the farmers.... Back in the day when I was in Journalism school at UNC, I took 6 months off for an internship in Gov. Deukmejian's press office in Sacramento. What a cool capital city. What an interesting system with the propositions etc. I am sorry to hear about the great decline. It is a beautiful state and deserves great leadership.

Posted by Ellie Shorb, Realtor DC, MD & VA Luxury Home Expert (Compass Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Like a VERY bad movie Make me want to stay away from California.

Posted by Gina Tufano, Ask Gina & Company, Northern Virginia Real Estate (Ask Gina & Company with Pearson Smith Realty) over 8 years ago

When I VACATED CA in 1994 * I followed U-HAULS across country to the RIGHT COAST!  You would have to pay me BIG BUCKS to return and I would THEN only go to NoCA * Mendocino, Lake counties and on the coast!

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 8 years ago

It has been hard to watch. My wife and I were both from nice places that are now armpits. We do not like going back when we visit family. I am serious though. If you see any of that happening in your area, take action.

Here in Southern Idaho it is like CA was in the 70's. There are those trying to change it for what they consider the better, but most of us are constantly fighting it.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

I am very familiar with all of these cities having lived or worked in most of them and have spent (not served) time in all of them. I went to an auction in Stockton around 1995 and was amazed to see two armed off duty police serving as security, and this was not a high end auction but just a local estate auction. Oh Lord, Stuck in California again.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 8 years ago

Hopefully birds of a feather really do flock together, and the undesirable crowd will flock to California where they're celebrated as part of their "diversity".

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 8 years ago

I have a friend who refers to the central vally as the barrio. In a way that is true. Lots of illegals from Mexico. It is very hard to watch a once flourishing famr area turn into a ghetto. Some of the reason is because of federal water restrictions. They are sending our food growing overseas.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 8 years ago

Yes - read the same news.  Doesn't make one even want to visit the 'Left" coast.  I felt the same way about my native Detroit/Dearborn when I made my final visit there to move my Mom to the Ozarks.  I have no reason or inclination to ever return.  Sad, but the muslims have control of Dearborn.

Posted by Joan Snodgrass (Midamerica Referral Network) over 8 years ago