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We Saw This One Coming

Is your state laying off workers? It probably should be. How man state jobs are a bunh of nonsense? It seems like some of our state leaders are finally getting it.

Several states are now laying off workers as the temporary funding (aka "Stimulus") has dried up, and they have no way to keep so many people on the payroll. Remember the housing boom that fueled their aggressive spending is gone and not likely to return.

We knew this was a temporary measure, and the jobs should have gone away last year, but they are disappearing now.

It's not that we wish unemployment on anyone. It's just that public employment has limits. Few government agencies except those at the US Park Service (and likely many state parks departments), utilities at the local level, and ones like the US Commerce Department that publish books and reports provide a product or service that produce revenue.

So far, Gov. Cuomo of New York has announced a layoff of at least 10,000 and freezes on the salaries of the remainder. Texas is chopping 9,300, and Georgia is axing 14,000. California and Nevada are joining in but haven't announced specific numbers.

This is definitel a step in the right direction toward reigning in the size of state government. Next, they'll have to tackle the pension issues.





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