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Earth To Stupid... Come In Stupid

So all of us conservative types and Tea Party types finally got most of our message across. We put on a pretty good rear end kicking demonstration in early November, and now we can all sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I wish.

Yesterday I read an article about how the deficit reduction panel, composed of members of both parties is going to cut our countries deficit, and make things so much better around here. In a nutshell, this is what I learned:

My so called conservative Senator from Idaho is in favor of letting certain tax cuts expire, lowering the retirement pay of those who served in the military, and upping the retirement age for social security. Many other conservative Senators are also in agreement. Are these guys (and gals) the best and the brightest? Is this what we voted for? I do not think so.

Here is my idea of what they ought to be looking at. Maybe some of our elected idiots missed the message that we tried to send last month. Here goes... again!

Senators get approximately $5 million per year, in order to run their office. 100 times $5M gives us $500 million. A nice start. Senators get driven around in limos. Don't know the cost, but it needs to be cut. Most members of the US Senate are multi-millionaires, and like to brag about how they serve the public. How about actually serving us and not themselves? They need to drastically cut their pay. They can live in an apartment, that they pay for, run their office on a shoestring budget, like a lot of businesses and families are currently doing, and basically forget about charging any Americans more money.

Our Congressional Reps can do the same thing. Cut their pay, drop the fancy office trappings, cut their staff down to one or two, quit using our stamps to send out BS, close the Congressional gym, snack bar, car wash, and whatever else they bone us for. These folks get something like $1.5 to $2M a year for their office. 435 times $2M is a nice hefty sum. Add that to the $500 M from above. A nice start.

As for Social Security, if they want us to contribute to it, they must remember that it is our money, not theirs. Put it into an account with my name on it. Let me invest it how I see fit. Don't borrow against my money. Thanks.

If they had any sense they would be looking for ways to run our country on a tighter budget and not looking to charge us more money. The problem seems to be my assumption that they have any sense.




Comment balloon 8 commentsKevin Robinson • December 05 2010 10:57AM


Kevin, you are so right.  They need to start by cutting all the waste in their own offices.  The trouble is, they are always finding new ways to spend it, than give it back to the folks they got it from to begin with. 

Posted by Michael Delaware, REALTORĀ®, CRS, GRI (North Sky Realty LLC) over 8 years ago

Thumbs up, Kevin!

Posted by Shirley Parks, Broker, 210-414-0966, San Antonio TX Real Estate (Sands Realty 210-414-0966) over 8 years ago

Just take a look and listen to most of these con artists. We could send a new batch every 2 years and still end up with the same mess.

Posted by Brian Portwood, GRI, SFR, TAHS (FW Realty Solutions) over 8 years ago

Unfortunately the people we elect to work for the people only work to better themselves and their friends. This is nothing new but seems to be on a much larger scale. Another problem is most of them dont have a clue what its like to be us. We know nothing and they are going to save us from our stupidity. They are so much smarter than all of us ya know. We are supposed to just tolerate all their spending and waste. Not! I'm glad people are speaking out and for those that still haven't figured it out they are bad people trying to control our every move for profit to themselves.

How many new Gov't employees have been created in the past few years? Who's paying for it?

Posted by Daniel J. Hansmeier over 8 years ago

UNFORTUNATELY - many still in DC don't get it and they want what they want when they want it....I am looking forward to the NEXT congress as there will be accountability

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 8 years ago

I've been saying for years that we needed to completely revamp the way Congress gets paid.  Give them a budget, and then let them keep what is left...  All of them get the same amount... bigger office, more staff, less money. 

It would be a start... at least letting them see what a budget looks like.

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) over 8 years ago

But Kevin - its that shared sacrifice to make up for the poor decisions that these esteemed men and women (of both parties) have been making for the past few decades. Unfortunately, it will take a bit more than spending cuts to get the country back on track.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 8 years ago

My biggest frustration is that some of the elected "REPRESENTATIVES"have not figured out who the boss is yet. It is "WE the PEOPLE." If you don't like it tough. We elected you and we pay you. If you are not representing us you will not be re-elected.

I think some of them may be figuring this out and it is obvious when they don't want to spend the time or money to run for another term.

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) over 8 years ago