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Two Interesting Polls Reported Today

Two interesting Polls are out.  This is for both parties.

What does the public feel about Congress and the Government? 

Congress - We should start over, not vote any of them back in: 62%

Think the government treat the public like they don't know very much: 76%

Boy would I love a "Start Over", but unstabilizing the government would have serious ramifications.

I feel these percentages comes from our elected politicians voting for laws and taxes the majority of the country doesn't want, challenging States in the courts for trying to protect themselves and enforce laws already on the books, career politicians being out of touch with the public and our needs, and the dismantlingof our Constitutional rights. 

The performance of both parties has been disheartening, both sides will say anything to get elected. We teach our children the importance of telling the truth yet our political officials are terrible roll models. 



Comment balloon 1 commentKevin Robinson • August 13 2010 10:16AM


The big question; will the elections reflect the polls?

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) almost 9 years ago