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Local Media SPIN on Local Candidates FORUM is NOW the STORY!!!!

Our local Senior Center has sponsored a Senior Statesman of Virginia candidates FORUM in election years and this year's FORUM was held on Wednesday.  The current LIB/DEM US Congressman Tom Perriello attended with Independent Tea Party candidate Jeff Clark.  GOP candidate CURRENT State Senator Robert Hurt advised the Senior Center FORUM committee in July that since they had not consulted him on the inclusion of Clark in the FORUM, he would not be attending the event.  In an "American Idol" moment, the Senior Statesmen indicated they would hold a "place" for Hurt if he changed his mind.

KUDOS to Robert Hurt for sticking to his guns and SHAME on the local MEDIA for spinning this event.  A FORUM is NOT A DEBATE and the Senior Statesmen KNEW for over a month that Hurt would not attend.  He DID attend the local Americans for Prosperity event earlier this month where Dick Morris appeared and where over 300 GOP/Hurt supporters attended and he has attended several county GOP events.  He has an EXCELLENT local campaign team and I agree that the issues between HURT and PERRIELLO are WAY TOO IMPORTANT to be aired in a FORUM format with a third party spoiler.

We have the "Pelosi Lap Dog Perriello" BECAUSE 750 GOP/Independent voters took it for granted that long-time Congressman Virgil Goode would automatically win 2 years ago.

Fortunately, the Albemarle county League of Women Voters will have a REAL DEBATE in October and Hurt has agreed to attend that format without the distraction of Clark.

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Thank you for the re-blog Kevin.  Latest poll has Hurt 20 points ahead of Perriello; however, we can not UNDERESTIMATE the value of Pelosi's $$$ to keep him in the House

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) almost 9 years ago