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What A 5th-Grader Knows...

I just read a blog posted by Lewis Poretz  I'm just saying.... It is well written… not a demand, it is a thought… It made me think about why America is not taking care of their own when people are losing their homes? I think it does, maybe not in the proper way…

doctor - jon zolsky blogI can understand the frustration, the anger, the despair… and I know that all these emotions will soon fade out, even if at this moment it may seem that life is over or is close to it.

It is difficult to abstract from immediate reality when you are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, when everything you worked for and lived for is collapsing, and all the plans go down the drain.

I can understand that we may be looking for the way to stop it… and we do… and we get frustrated that not everything is done… not everything is done right, not enough is done…

It is like when kids face the doctor.candy insotead of cure - jon zolsky They are scared. To cure the doctor has to inflict pain, to calm giving the kid a candy is enough.

Will a candy help him? No.

Why are we, adults, begging for the candy? We need a scalpel and need to go through the pain. Then we will recover. Candy is no good for the economy. It is simply a sweet lie. And we are so eager to buy into it…

Do we understand that our candy costs trillions of dollars... and we still will not survive without a scalpel... after we eat all that candy? 

Comment balloon 1 commentKevin Robinson • May 26 2010 10:11AM


Due to the extreme dumbing down of America, I don't think half of the population understands the reality that govt. doesn't have any money until it takes it away from producers. They think they can have everything at no cost to anyone. Let the "government" supply it.

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) about 9 years ago