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U.S. under control by a financial oligarchy

Over the past three years a tremendous transfer of monetary wealth has occurred in America.  A con game of epic proportions has taken place and continues to do so as Congress turns their heads away while the American people remain trapped in a system designed to collapse on itself.  Our Government is working more for the banks and corporations than for its citizens where the consequences will be vast if we keep moving in the same direction.

It has been stated in the past by the Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and two top officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the U.S. has been taken over by an oligarchy, in this case a financial oligarchy.  The Federal Reserve system usurps the U.S. Government and is not accountable to anyone.  The Fed has monopolistic control over our economy and monetary system dictating on a daily basis what is going to happen to make them wealthier...period!

Financial Reform?  At this stage, with debt in the trillions, reform of the monetary system will do little to change what is happening.  If "monetary reform" were to occur, you can bet these monetary scientists will word it in their favor continuing the transfer of wealth from the masses to the elite few who think it's socially acceptable to control people via the illusion of money.

A short article does not do justice in order to understand how all of this works, so here is a list of recommended documentaries on The Federal Reserve, banking, and monetary system.  Watch all of them as they are made by different directors, yet all come to the same conclusion that The Federal Reserve is not an agency of the Federal Government but a hybrid banking cartel that works in cooperation and partnership with the Government in order to achieve its' objectives.

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