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Health Care, Health Care, Health Care...Have You Noticed The Price Of Gas?

Washington can't be trusted not one little bit!  We are all embroiled in this bitter battle of Health Care, regardless of your position on the issue there are too many things that are slipping by us without even a glance or a question. why are we allowing this to go unnoticed?

The price of gas has been consistently creeping up making it more and more expensive to get by.  This whole thing smells all too familiar, like gangsters, the mob, the Godfather!  Americans need to stand up to all the excessive overbearing nonsense, tax increases, gas price increases and much more.

When is enough enough?  Do people really believe that if the government takes over health care that it will not cost excessively more?  Think again!  Did you know that the Military pays far more for a bottle of ketchup than you and I?  Why?  Because of all the bureaucracy that it must go through to get into the hands of the Military.  Come on people, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Crooks!

All this is going to have a serious negative impact on the real estate market.  Some folks are talking about recovery from recession, well hold on to your britches because if this keeps up we haven't seen anything yet.

Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • March 16 2010 09:26AM