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I know Great Americans who are fighting daily to save the US from the Liberal Left. Are YOU?

I know some Great Americans who are fighting daily to save America from the Liberal Left.


I have a question Are You????

Silence in Consent!

Action is what makes the difference.

There are some Great Americans who are taking action by Taking the Townhalls to Washington.

I would like to share with you some of what they saw and what they are asking us to do so hopefully you will be inspired to take action as well.

From a Team of Texans....

Here's what we saw:  The halls teaming with lobbyists. There were no constituents.  In fact, the staffers were so stunned with constituents visiting, they asked for our marketing brochure. The phones and faxes were not ringing.  One democrat office told us they receive 50 calls in 3 hours, but only 2 were from constituents.  They only log the constituents calls. Another Democrat office told us that 90% of the calls are against Obamacare - yet the congressman is still on the fence.  Can you imagine?   Make the call that can make the difference!!  This week, we have another team of Texans going to DC to meet with Congressmen.  If you live in a blue dog district, call the congressman's DC office and urge him to vote NO and that you are behind our team that wants to meet with him this week.  If your congressman is a pro-life democrat, urge him to support Bart Stupak in voting NO to the healthcare bill.   If you are not from a blue dog district or pro-life democrat district, then call any friend you know in these districts and urge them to call their congressmen at either the DC office or local office. It doesn't matter which office receives these calls.  Remind your friends that if they start their dial with *67, then the caller ID is blocked.    The next few days will be pivotal--particularly if your Congressman appears on the below list. The list below is from Family Research Council (  These are leaders who have voted pro-life at least once, so please be polite--but firm--that the Senate bill is NOT abortion-neutral.  

Here is another great Texans who I happen to know.

Ray Myers, Forney Texas arrives in Wash DC and is using our Mobile War Room to set up coordination with Tea Party supporters in Texas to make phone calls to their congressman while Myers will be contacting him in person on Capitol Hill. TH2DC Washington Leader explains some critical info in regards to those congressmen say they don't want to spend time with Non-Constituents.

 There is another amazing American Tom Whitmore from Virgina who is running the mobile war room who you also saw in the video above.

These are Americans who are sick and tired of what they are seeing from our elected officials and they are taking matters into their own hands. They are making a difference but they need back up and a larger army.

The powers in Washington as we have heard from Congressman Stupak who says Pelosi is trying to strong-arm the 12 pro-life Democrats aligned with Stupak. The pressure is extremely intense and Pelosi is willing to win at any cost.


"We can't stay silent. There's too much at stake. These men and women need our help!"


Stand with Stupak!



Here is one thing you can do right now.

6 House Members who are MUST-Call

 Capitol Hill Switch Board:

(202) 224-3121 (This number is answered 24/7)

6 Votes that are now Yes.
We need to change to NO Click on the name for a link to their website for local and DC contact information.

1. Rep. Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania 4th
2. Rep. John Boccieri, Ohio, 16th
3. Rep. Bart Gordon, Tennessee 6th
4. Rep. Brian Baird, Washington 3rd
5. Rep. Dennis Moore, Kansas 3rd
6. Henry Cuellar, Texas 24th


"Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened." -Billy Graham

Join us and Take The Townhalls to Washington

Whether you can make it to Washington or not, PLEASE REGISTER. We need your help even if it is from your home district. It is key to have people in Washington for a personal meeting with their Congressmen as well as people calling in from home for live meetings. We just need you to register so we know how you can help us Stop Obamacare!!


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