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Can Bunning's "Playing Politics" actually be good for America?

As I watch the scene around Jim Bunning's actions to block the extension of funding for unemployment benefits, and Federal Highway projects, I cannot help but think of the difference between how government thinks versus how an American family must think.

The analogy that comes to mind is of parents in a traditional family when it comes to something as simple as the dinner meal.  The kids all want to eat right now because they're hungry, and after all there is plenty of "right now" food available.  There is Ice Cream in the Freezer, Cookies, Crackers & Chips in the cupboard, Deli Meats & Cheeses plus plenty to drink in the refrigerator.  So why can't we eat what we want right now?  Just because Mom is still working on the computer, and Dad is not home from work does not seem a good reason for the kids to have to wait.  Just because Dad is bringing home the groceries to prepare a nutritionally appropriate, and tasteful meal, and Mom's work on the computer is what will pay for that meal does not mean the kids should have to wait does it? 

I'm not going to even go into the difference in how an American Family must live within their budget on a cash flow basis versus how the government just spends now, and pays later.

While Bunning may be playing politics, the rules he is playing by are there for a reason, and I think he is making a point that most responsible American families can identify with.  The bottom line is that there is near complete bi-partisan support for the extension of these benefits, but who will foot the bill, and where will the money come from?  Bunning has a good answer for that when he suggests we should take money from what has already been agreed to in the form of the not yet allocated $787 Billion Stimulus bill funds (can't really say the party of No when he has offered the solution).  After all, these funds were available to help pay off a political favor when it came time to "buy" a crucial vote on Health Care.

This may be one case of Americans actually benefitting from someone "playing politics," after all, someone needs to stand up to the spoiled little brats on occasion.

Comment balloon 2 commentsKevin Robinson • March 03 2010 10:35AM


Now, that he's not running for re-election, he wants to make a difference? Gimme a BREAK!

Posted by Gregory Bain, For Homes on the Jersey Shore (Mezzina Real Estate & Insurance) over 9 years ago

Gregory - Perhaps that is the key.  If our elected Representatives would act more responsibly because they were not concerned with their re-election/political career (as the original Founders of our Country intended Public Service to be), maybe we would not be in the incredible debt situation we currently are. 

Much like Health Care, I believe that when the Laws laid down for the "common folks" in this country are applied equally to those making the law we will see better results!

Posted by Ron Brown NMLS #270845 (NMLS ID: 40831) over 9 years ago