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It just keeps nagging at me. The whole issue is becoming an obsession with me as I try to pin down why anyone would want to move in that direction. Maybe I am an old fogey who just wants to be left alone. Maybe I am just not Euro enough.

I blew a flat in my SUV the other day. Out in the middle of nowhere. There is cell service in that area, but I never thought about it. I did what needed to be done and changed the flat myself. Why didn't I call for some kind of roadside assistance? My insurance policy includes it.

Our government willl help us with nearly every kind of problem that we can imagine. I hear it all the time from people. There ought to be a law. The government needs to look into that. We need more regulations. We the people ought to help those people.

At this time in our nations history we have almost helped ourselves into oblivion, or the poorhouse, whichever phrase you prefer. Cradle to grave security is here and it is alive. Entitlement after entitlement. Get your piece of the pie.  To some that is a great idea. To me, it closely parallels the tire changing scenario above.

In this country, there exist a whole group of people, who rely on either the government or someone else  to do things for them. The idea of doing it yourself has never occured to them, because they have been taught that the government, or someone else should do it for them. In many cases, they are also taught that their tire went flat because someone else is to blame, and therefore they cannot help the position they find themselves in.

We are heading down a road that leads to helplessness. I believe that someone wants us to arrive there quickly.

Comment balloon 5 commentsKevin Robinson • March 01 2010 08:54AM


I have to say your analogies are excellent.  Your point well taken and recieved, I think you are right and it isn't the first generation either.

Posted by Suzanne Gantner, GRI, E-Pro, SRES, SRS, ABR (Sky Realty, Central Texas Real Estate ) over 9 years ago

The scary thing is, so many people are waiting for their handout, from a government that's broke. What next?

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 9 years ago

You're absolutely right, Kevin.  And our government seems "hell-bent" on increasing the size of the entitlements group, those people who wait for their share of the gov't. hand-out!  I realize that congress is interested in increasing the size of their voter base, but I know they are smart enough to realize that is completely unsustainable - - so why?  The only possible answers kind of scare me.

Posted by Mike Hendren (Mike Hendren Photography) over 9 years ago

Kevin you are absolutely right on with this post.

Gvmt needs to stay out of our lives so that we can live and GROW our economy and teach young folks the simple things in life.  Like how to manage a bank account without over draft protection.  How to earn their grades in school by working hard, etc.  How to work and earn a living instead of applying for some gvmt run program right out of college.

I'm glad you were able to change your tire in the snow.  Since you have built homes for 25 years I would expect that you could handle it LOL.


Posted by Melissa Anderson (Mortgage of Texas & Financial) over 9 years ago

It does seem like the Dems are counting on more and more people not knowing how to change their own tire.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 9 years ago