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ACORN Guerilla Investigator O’Keefe has another video READY TO GO

CPAC had some surprising guest and none more so that James O’Keefe, the investigative journalist who exposed the actions of 5 ACORN offices on video tape.

O’Keefe was arrested last month in the New Orleans office of US Senator Mary Landrieu (D) indicating he wanted to know why Landrieu was not getting her consituents phone calls regarding her $3m Louisana Purchase agreement for voting for Obama’s health care legislation.

While he was not scheduled into any official events at CPAC, he got plenty of attention as he walked through the Marriott lobby posing for photos from fans who wished him well in his pending court case.

O’Keefe flashed his parole papers from the federal district court hearing his case – as did Joe Basel, 24, one of the three other activists arrested with him in New Orleans – as conference-goers walked by gawking and offering encouragement.

“Good job, bud,” said one elderly man, who shook O’Keefe’s hand. “Hang in there.”

“It’s like (the attendees) saw Chuck Norris,” said Basel, who confessed fewer CPACers recognized him. “These aren’t my people,” he explained.

O’Keefe blasted mainstream media outlets for falsely reporting that he and his crew had been arrested for attempting to wiretap the phones in Landrieu’s district office, and he boasted that The Washington Post had to run two corrections for mischaracterizing the case.

“They hate me because I’m effective,” he said. He briefly defended his undercover tactics, asserting reporters can learn more if they didn’t identify themselves as such.

Andrew Breitbart of the BIG Government website said he continues to work with O’Keefe and intends to post his next video project, but said he only met Basel and a third person who was arrested in New Orleans, 24-year-old Stan Dai, at a Wednesday night party hosted by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks PAC.

“I love meeting troublemakers,” Breitbart said, adding he was impressed by Basel and Dai, and intends to use CPAC to scout for more young people interested in activist journalism.

“My business model is I want to be a talent scout. I want to be an American idol for weaponized freedom fighters,” said Breitbart. “And that’s one of the reasons I love coming here.”

Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
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that would be sure interesting to watch. The guys stirred the pot well, and were able to to have dealt the biggest blow to Acorn.

Kudos for that

Posted by Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL, Buy Daytona condos for heavenly good prices (Daytona Condo Realty, 386-405-4408) over 9 years ago

Very interesting investigative journalism is alive in the young and they will keep gov. honest.

Posted by Elite Home Sales Team, A Tenacious and Skilled Real Estate Team (Elite Home Sales Team OC) over 9 years ago