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Some Sanity In The Senate

No, don't get your hopes up. I'm not talking about Harry Reid. In fact. he has mouthed off again at something that actually is good.

Senator Jim DeMint has held up the confirmation of Erroll Southers to be the TSA Director. His concern - and rightfully so - is that the TSA might become unionized. This would seriously diminish the respect that the public has for this agency and the role that they play in the security of our nation.

Remember the Air Traffic Controllers Union in the Reagan days? Imagine that the TSA union decides to go on strike. Does all air travel cease? Or does TSA management step in to attempt to help out?

What if a union leader wants to apply the rules differently for certain people - say those who are members of the union or supporters of it?

We're talking trained screeners here. Anyone who can pass the background check can apply. This is not a technical, specialized job where only a limited number of people can apply and be accepted.

Thank you, Jim, for taking your Constitutional authority seriously on confirmations and for keeping unions out of the TSA. Unions have done more than enough to mess up the airline industry already.


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Comment balloon 2 commentsKevin Robinson • December 29 2009 08:59AM


This is a reblog from Steve's site. I totally agree with what he wrote.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer over 9 years ago


Thank you for helping to pass along the message. Appreciate the reblog. :)


Posted by Steve Hoffacker, Certified Aging In Place Specialist-Instructor (Steve Hoffacker LLC) over 9 years ago