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I Just Want To Read The Bill Before I Vote, Oh I Don't Get To? hmm

Why can't we read the bill?

Why are the law makers in our country unable to read the bill before a vote?

My family came here from Russia, we had no vote.  Our opinions did not matter.  We were not even allowed to have church with our children.  That is why we came to America.

I'm very upset that elected folks voting on this bill do not have the ability to read it. 

It should be published.  Why not?  I thought we were supposed to have clarity in government.

I have several friends that have lived in Europe and thought the health care was good.  I'm sure it was.

My problem is that America does not know how to handle this task.  Our law makers cannot fix social security or medicare.  Every government run program has failed.  Why should they take on health care when we have so many other government programs that are failing.

I want to see folks have health insurance.  I also believe we need to clean up the medicare and social security mess before we take on a new challenge.  Our country has bankrupt both of those programs and yet we are taking on another? Now?  When we are mortgaged up to our eyeballs with the Chinese?

It is not about which side you are on, not for me.  I just want to take a few years to fix things in America. 

PS... we read real estate contracts don't we?



Comment balloon 2 commentsKevin Robinson • October 14 2009 09:35AM


I believe they don't want you to read the bill because they don't want you to know about all the pork in it.  Just like the stimulous bill - loaded with pork that won't produce any jobs.  The health care bill won't fix anything - just a payback to special interest groups.

Posted by Jane Penttinen, NMLS #222178 (V.I.P. Mortgage ) over 9 years ago

It's too bad they don't even attempt to clean up the messes they've already created first.

Posted by Jon Budish (Resident Realty) over 9 years ago