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John F Kennedy Warned Us That This Day Would Come!



              We are approaching the 46th anniversary of the Assassination of

                                                             John F. Kennedy

                                                       A man I greatly admired 


John F Kennedy

A few years ago, after 9/11  I had the opportunity to go the the Kennedy library in Boston.  There are various videos of his speeches running continually.  I sat and listened to several of them. 


What struck me was the content.  If I closed my eyes and forgot it was JFK, that speech could have been delivered that day.


Almost 50 years ago John F. Kennedy gave us a warning.  He delivered a speech warning about a "Secret Society" and the responsibility of the free press in America.  A secret society he saw gathering and looming.  I'm going to paraphrase some of his points.

  • He said that no secret meetings, oaths or proceedings should be allowed to take place.  No government should hide from the people.

  • There is little value in the survival of a nation, if the traditions of that nation do not survive as well.

  • No official, civilian or military person should be stifled from speaking in dissent. No cover ups or mistakes should be hidden from the people.

  • It is the job of the press not just to entertain us but to report factually in regard to international and domestic issues.

  • It is not the job of the press to agree with government.  In fact they should report candidly to educate, inform, convey dissent and even anger.

  • He pointed out that the only business protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution is our press.

  • Without debate or criticism no country or Republic can survive.  An administration should welcome criticism.

I was sent this video clip by another AR member, Tony Toto who knows of my personal interest in JFK. 

I urge you to take a few minutes to listen to this speech.  It is chilling and so accurate.

We did not take a giant leap to get where we are with this administration.  Those who would destroy our Republic have been moving towards this day for decades.  

The climate Kennedy describes is all too real at this moment in time. 


The attempt to stifle free speech, the press, conservative radio, and the Internet is happening now. 

We all remember how recently we had our government instituted  You were told to report your friends, neighbors and family if they were sending emails, writing blogs or speaking out in a manner that could be interpreted as dissenting.

Kennedy's speech was delivered as a warning, perhaps a prophecy of what we are experiencing today.


John F Kennedy Dallas


John F. Kennedy

was not afraid to

stand up for our

Constitution, our

freedoms and our

way of life. 






                            Perhaps he gave his life trying to do just that.

                                        Please listen and share your thoughts and comments.

John F. Kennedy Speech - Secret Society

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