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Palin book tops Amazon pre-order lists

palinSarah Palin's book - due out on November 17 - is already top of the charts at both and Barnes &

In fact "Going Rogue is beating out the likes of Ted Kennedy's "True Compass," Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol," his first novel since "The Da Vinci Code" and Glenn Beck's "Arguing With Idiots" (side bar - does anyone have a problem with the NY Times not reviewing Beck's books? This is his THIRD NY Times #1 bestseller and the paper has never reviewed any of his books).

A massive 1.5 million copies of the former Alaskan Governor's book will be printed and a second print run is already on the cards with the pre-orders looking so strong.

I have no doubt whatsoever that there are people waiting to tear it apart - but that's simply Liberal Elitism and jealousy. "How can she get a book deal?", says one, but perhaps my favorite is this one: "

She is subject to severe mood swings and that combined with a rifle can only lead to a crazy women with a gun. She is subject to temper tantrums when she does not get what she wants. Yes she is good for the NRA and etc. She is not very smart upstairs and needs a body makeover."

A body makeover? Really? Maybe someone needs to visit the eye doctor!

Anyway, you can pre-order Sarah Palin's book at the two above mentioned websites or if you like coffee with your books, then just step right in to a bookstore and do it there. Not enough people go into book stores anymore.


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Comment balloon 3 commentsKevin Robinson • October 06 2009 09:53AM


I look forward to reading it. I think she is an amazing woman. We all have our moments don't we...

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) almost 10 years ago

I found this article to be very interesting. I look forward to more from you.

Posted by Katiejo Franks (Real Estate and Beyond, LLC) almost 10 years ago

I have pre-ordered the book.  I am wondering about the person who made the statement that Sarah Palin is a crazy woman with a gun and has no inteligence and needs a body makeover.....How Bitter is This Woman?  I like Palin and the fact that she spoke her mind even if it wasn't what the people exactly wanted to hear.  Currently we have an administration that ONLY tells people what they want to hear and does the complete opposite.

Posted by Michael J. Gallo, Florida Luxury Realty - Gulf Home Sales Team (Florida Luxury Realty) almost 10 years ago