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Who Will Remain To Pick Up The Tab?

guest checkWith almost half of all Americans owing no Federal Income Tax in 2009, who will remain to pick up the tab for our government’s unbridled spending? For politicians a trillion has now become the new billion. And amazingly, the number not paying tax isn’t shrinking; it’s growing rapidly. About a quarter of “taxpayers” will have a net liability of zero, including Medicare and Social Security taxes, according to a report on CNN Money.


There is growing concern from a few in DC, and which is more widespread among economists and other non-politicians, that many of our “leaders” are ignoring the long-term consequences of shifting the tax burden to higher income individuals. As new government programs are announced, and as spending escalates, we could soon reach a “tipping-point” from which it will be difficult if not impossible to retreat. Faced with growing deficits, politicians always look to the easy route and raise taxes, ignoring the more difficult, but necessary choice, that government spending must, at some point, be curtailed.


Many would enjoy an easy life, a Shangri-La, unencumbered by the drudgery of work, with all of our needs addressed by a compassionate and benevolent government; but the stark reality is that government cannot continue to absorb an increasing number of our personal responsibilities, cannot keep us all from harm, and cannot anticipate our every need. Life isn’t fair—never was and never will be—and government spending cannot make it so.


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Comment balloon 4 commentsKevin Robinson • October 06 2009 09:46AM


You are right on.  We are spending out way into oblivion....

Posted by Edward & Celia Maddox, EXPERIENCE & INTEGRITY - WE TAKE THE HIGH ROAD (The Celtic Connection Realty) over 9 years ago

The frightening part is that the Government wants to "bail" us out. It is just not capable of doing so. My two year old also wanted to help wash the dishes...That was a disaster. It is time that our Government takes a history lesson and learns that this Nation is a Nation of the people, by the People and for the people.We are free to make our own choices which means that we are free to take care of ourselves. You can not avoid down times. You get through them and then you enjoy better times.

 We need to take a good hard look at who is trying to help and if they are even capable. Just because it sound comforting does not mean that the reality is anything like the proposition.The reality is the more the government does the more they expect back in return. If they can't pay the bill are you going to be able to?

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) over 9 years ago

I agree, and this is basic economics.  Individuals and companies will just stop creating business or move it to some offshore place.

Sometimes I just ask my liberal friends "why doesn't the government just give me a house and a car?  Usually shuts them up! 

The half not paying will continue to vote for all this and it will just snowball!

Posted by Sandra White, Experienced Residential Resale Broker (John L Scott Real Estate) over 9 years ago

Ed & Celia - "WE" are not spending our way into oblivian - "obama" is! For some reason the annointed one is doing all in his power to make the US equal to a 3rd world country.

Posted by John Rakoci, North Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolinas (Eagle Realty) over 9 years ago