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Is A Gun Really A Lethal Weapon?


The regulation of fire arms has been a much contested subject for years. 

The issue to restrict guns came to a head after the attempted assassination of President Reagan.  His Press Secretary Jim Brady was critically wounded and physically impaired for life during the attack from a gun shot wound.

Many gun owners fear the Obama administration will take "aim" at the right to bear arms. 

There have been many efforts kicked around to restrict gun ownership and therefore remove rights granted under the Second Amendment. 

After Free Speech our founding fathers identified the right to bear arms as the second most important right granted under the Constitution.

Supporters of gun control point out that a gun is a lethal weapon. 

Using that definition if we are going to control one lethal weapon, we should take equal action to control them all.

How long will it take this gun to jump up and become lethal?

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Tony Soprano and friends like these lethal weapons

Baseball BatCrow Bar


We all know someone who will potentially turn these into a lethal weapon



These lethal weapons have the capacity of killing an entire family at one time


By themselves all of these lethal weapons are passive.  They have no animation on their own. 

As with all potentially lethal weapons they all require one element to propel them into becoming a deadly weapon.

                                        THE HUMAN ELEMENT

The gun, baseball bat, crowbar, alcohol, car or truck are all inanimate objects until they are placed in the wrong hands.

Protect our Second Amendment rights and oppose any legislation designed to infringe upon them.



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Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  Protect the 2nd Amendment.

Posted by Goodbye Active Rain, Out of Real Estate over 9 years ago