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A tale of two Presidents

Right now the President is in Denmark - acting as a lobbyist for Chicago in order to get the Olympic Games for that city. All this despite the fact that Chicagoans are at best luke warm about the games going there in 2016. There are protests and websites - try

So now we have the President, the First Lady, Oprah and others flying in on separate planes to try and get something that by the latest poll, half the City doesn't want. And considering the corruption that always seems to surround Olympic Games, is Chicago with its history the best place? I don't think so, but that is the subject for another blog. Oh and before I move on, let's spare a thought for the First Lady and the "sacrifice" she's making! "As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days..." - GIVE ME A BREAK!!

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the President has had ONE CONVERSATION with our commander in Afghanistan in the last 75 days! ONE!!!!

If you remember back to the election, the then candidate Obama told us that this would be his top priority. That we HAD to win this one. That President Bush had failed the country; failed the troops; failed his math class and failed anything else he could think of!

The President also told us that the days of lobbyists being in charge were over - I'd ask Joe Wilson about that one - he says it better than me! But, now with America's top commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, saying GIVE ME MORE TROOPS, the President is over in Copenhagen being the Lobbyist in Chief.

I guess that might explain the different reaction from the Marine Corps given to President Bush and President Obama!

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I also heard the residents of Chicago didn't want the Olympics to come to town. I also heard on the Dan Patrick show that some people are upset because Michael Jordan didn't step up to the plate in regards to trying to get the Olympics to town. Wasn't all of those titles he delivered the city of Chicago enough?
Posted by Delete Account over 9 years ago


Thanks for the first hand information.

It sounds like you're really plugged in and have the real information.

I guess our President is just a fickle, lying, jet-setting guy who doesn't care a bit about his country or citizens and is just in it for the fame, the money or to land a role in a feature film.

Shame on him for flying to other countries and trying to be a diplomat.  He should be back in the Whitehouse figuring out how to find those mysterious Weapons of Mass Destruction.  I know those darn things are around somewhere!

Wow, I wonder how he made it through all the elections as Senator and during the primary.

He somehow fooled them all.  It was just all smoke and mirrors, yeah?

Why is it that so many millions of people couldn't see him the way you are portraying him to be?

Let's put Bush back in the Whitehouse and continue on the path we were headed towards.

I mean, it wasn't so bad, right?  Things were pretty good with the economy and health care and with international relations.

Oh, wait.  they weren't really that great, huh?  Well, if that's the case, it must have been Obama's doing somehow.

But I'm sure you can elighten us as to how our problems over the past 8 years was somehow Barack Obama's fault.

Please enlighten us.



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