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Now is the time

For years it was build it and they will come. Yes, for all of us builders, we could simply build a nice spec home and have it sold within months, or possibly weeks. A nice little payday and then start the process all over again. Those days have been gone for a while now.

Now, it seems, that most of us build only pre-bought homes. In other words, the home that we are building is already bought and paid for, and just needs to be built. Although this has hurt some builders, especially the big builders who deal in pure volume, it has boded well for the consumer.

Back when home builders were just knocking them out, the quality of builds was down. Obviously this is my opinion, but it is what I saw. The builder had to get them up in a hurry. He (or she) had to find enough subs in order to do this. Most subs were very busy and could not find enough qualified employees (read trades people) to do a class A job. What happened in a lot of areas was the general hired the lowest bidding sub. The sub bid very low in hopes of getting the job. The sub's employees were new hires or temp help that were not as skilled as they should have been.

The homes were built, but in many cases to a lower standard. Of course they passed all of the necessary inspections, but many had quality issues 1 to 2 years into the homes life. Bad news for all.

With the market moving so much slower and many builders just lucky to be building, the quality of homes is back up. Unskilled construction workers have been weeded out in most markets as have the lower tier contractors. Most of these people could not compete in a much tighter market and had to go find other work. This is great for the potential custom home customer.

Now is the time. The best contractors and trades people are still in the game.

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Comment balloon 0 commentsKevin Robinson • August 26 2009 08:54AM