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Holy Macadamia Nut Batman.

In todays news is article about Americas' safest cities. I apologize about any grammatical errors or spelling errors in this blog, but I can't stop laughing. Anyone who has ever done any type of statistical analysis can tell you that it is really easy to warp numbers. Twisting the numbers that come with results can let anyone prove anything is not properly checked and analyzed. So take a look at this disinformation:

These statistics are according to the FBI. Of cities over 500,000 residents, NY City is the safest city in America. LA and Las Vegas are also on the list. Laugh, laugh, choke, choke. I guess when you have so many residents the odds per person get better.  Now read the fine print of the survey. NY cities overall crime dropped 4% from 2007, most of which came from a 9% drop in assaults. Wait. There is more. A 5.4 % increase in murder, 1.7% increase in rape, 1.8% in robbery. So you wont get assaulted but you could get killed, raped, or robbed.

I would like to see all of the numbers from LA and Las Vegas as well. Something tells me that the jouranlist who interpreted the numbers may need a statistics course.

I love how things get reported.



Comment balloon 11 commentsKevin Robinson • June 05 2009 01:52PM


I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. Isn't amazing how the write whatever they want. Great blog..Made my day. Needed a laugh!

Posted by Jina St James, The Key to Your New Home (St James Team: The Cutting Edge, Realtors) about 10 years ago

You're on target! Spin doctors at the top of their game created these statistics. Although I admit I feel safer in NYC than Oakland CA.

Posted by Vickie Nagy, Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen (Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate) about 10 years ago

Kevin...I have read a few of these, but the most recent one puts New Hampshire at the top of the least amount of crime per citizen than any other state. As a resident here I choose to believe that one.

Posted by Steve Loynd, 800-926-5653, White Mountains NH ( Alpine Lakes Real Estate Inc., ) about 10 years ago

Bgpic11142008103101_lFeatured in M.A.N.C.R.O.W! CONGRATS!

Posted by JL Boney, III, Columbia, SC Real Estate (Coldwell Banker) about 10 years ago

Kevin, this is the deal. The other day you begged us to comment so you could get points. You made a point of saying you would reciprocate. When's it going to happen?

Posted by Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors) about 10 years ago

The big apple is the safest city?  Hmmmmm!

Posted by John Secor (EXIT Real Estate Results) about 10 years ago

I wonder what New York City business done that survey.  Sounds just a bit biased!

Posted by William Feela, Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No. (WHISPERING PINES REALTY) about 10 years ago

Connie- Sorry to take so long. I subscribed to your blog so I can read daily. Take care.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, Fractional Developer about 10 years ago

Kevin - those statistics usually come from the FBI that keeps a data base of crimes. Of course, it is reliant on what and how crimes are reported from the local law enforcement.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) about 10 years ago

Are they asking the criminals what they think. "Yah, it's safe come on over. I promise you will like it here! Trust me...

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) about 10 years ago

Kevin, just giving you a little @#$%. Have a great Sunday!

Posted by Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors) about 10 years ago