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Prepare For The Jobs Of The Future

Lost your job and need work? Perhaps you’ve just graduated from college and are trying to figure out where to use that degree in Mesolithic Romanian cave paintings. While you may have training in other areas, you should prepare for the opportunities to come. The turmoil in government, the financial sector, and manufacturing, combined with the overall depressed state of the economy, will demand thousands of new skills and millions of workers.


I’ve outlined a few of the potential jobs openings below:

• Money counters – With trillions being printed by the Treasury Department, there will be numerous openings for those who know how to count. As few high school graduates are sufficiently knowledgeable to make change, those with the ability to count will be needed to fill these positions.

• Prison guards – If we can entice the Justice Department to action, prisons will soon overflow with corrupt politicians, Bankers, Corporate looters, Lobbyists, and others who helped bring on the collapse of our financial markets.

• Politicians – Once we are able to remove corrupt politicians, most offices will be vacant and will require speedy elections to fill the hundreds of vacancies.

• Age Checkers – After establishing the new Office of Health and Nanny Care, workers will be needed to make certain that those applying for health benefits are not past the age of qualification. Age Checkers must also confirm that applicants are healthy enough to receive benefits.

• Ditch fillers – With all the “make-work” programs the government is planning, there will undoubtedly be ditches dug requiring that someone come behind and provide a proper filling in preparation for potential future digs.

• Pork inspectors – Since it has been confirmed that “swine flu” was caused by the incredible quantity of new pork generated in Washington, workers will be required to check all future pork to make certain it is not contaminated.

• Bureaucrats – Expansion of government always requires more bureaucrats, and the current explosive growth necessitates millions more as congress begins to take over much of private enterprise.

• Taxpayers – Rarely appreciated for their massive contributions to government operation, the Treasury Department has posted openings for thousands more Taxpayers, as current government expenditures now equal 4 times the taxes collected in 2009.

• Wheel barrow manufacturers – The expected dramatic growth in the wheelbarrow industry caused by the need to transport huge sums of money for the purchase of groceries and other daily necessities, will provide a stable future to those with previous manufacturing experience. Auto workers are particularly suited for this task; and, all except the few who will continue working for the new Government Motors should apply.


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Comment balloon 2 commentsKevin Robinson • June 05 2009 09:59AM


"Ditch fillers" - Kevin, is this going to be a job created or saved do you think? :)


Posted by Mark MacKenzie about 10 years ago

Funny. Although a little realistic. It scares me that we are running toward socialism as though are pants are on fire and it is a cooling bucket of water. People need to recognize what is really happening before it is too late. Although with the direction that the public schools are heading I am not sure that the new voters will have the back ground to recognize it-Dinah Lee

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) about 10 years ago