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Where has the backbone of all proud Americans gone????

Below is an amazing note that was posted by a true Friend for Liberty in Texas on Facebook. I hope you will take the time to read and be inspired to wake up to drink some Tea instead of Kool Aide.

Thank you Friend for Liberty in Texas for being a true Patriot!!

Those from the outside are gleefully watching it come unraveled... Insanity, insanity....

This following article (first link below) will take your breath away if your not drinking Flavor Aid already.

Where has the backbone of all proud Americans gone, are we both crippled and blinded by creature comforts now, allowing large corporate donors together with their professional politicians to destroy this once greatest place on earth; America...

We must continue rallying together in demonstrations on a consistent bases in protest of these greedy scam artist fleecing We the People out of OUR prosperity, with their addiction to a "global dollar". Where is our middle America roar, I DON'T HEAR YOU and I sure as hell DON'T SEE YOU? What I do see/hear is the wolves on both the far left and right consuming our pride with mounting frustration, making us all look like we have crippling scoliosis!

We the Peoplehave become such woossies in this country allowing both the elite and our professional politicians to cripple, then enslave us. We made them nervous on April 15, 2009, and must continue in doing so. But people we can't depend on, nor wait on Fox News. All of you must understand, Fox just wanted to rally us to show the other side they too have Flavor Aid stands. I'll let you in on a little secret; they also "DON'T WANT us to actually win", they just want us all to be their puppets once again. And each and every day we sit crying amongst our small little groups moaning and not planning the next wave until another three months goes by (or Fox says so) is another battle even harder to win, with many more casualties than need be.

We aught to be ashamed and embarrassed of what our forefatherswould think of us now, allowing all their hard work and sacrifice to have been in vain. For them to have had the foresight to make it law protecting us woossies from whom is invading us from within this very day and for us to bend over, pull down our designer underwear and take it again and again, is insanity people.

What's it going to take before we apathetic Americans realize, if we don't act everyday we are already enslaved...

Our current state of affairs must awakened all proud Americans to the fact that there is no real difference between the two old parties. I am feed up with most Americans herd mentality to a point of implosion. And because there is too much money being spent on "our" two/too old party's politicians in Washington today by large corporate donors that most of "our elected officials" don't care about anything but political/monetary survival today. These two parties are so addicted to corporate money and addicts themselves that most of "our" professional politicians are willing to do anything for their fix. These two/too old parties continue asking "Americans" to drink this grape flavored Flavor Aid laced with cyanide, right this very moment.

What I find most concerning is, most Americans due to partisan convictions continue drinking from this cup; witnessing the death of America!!!! I hope" to change those enamored by partisan preaching that are drinking from these cups!

Because from where I'm standing, to most Americans their politics has become their religion and that's not good for "We the People", or the greatest place on earth, America.....! Proud Americans must know they do have a much better choice, We the People can vote recovery sooner than later. But only through courage of genuine change such as through the libertarian party will sanity and honesty be restored in Washington, sooner than later. To boot, you go to heaven knowing you voted for some of the best candidate for a better/stronger America. Even if it required change that everyone else just talked about and "you" didn't continue bringing the the greatest place on earth down with partisan politics. I as always will never knowingly vote for a @#!!^ dollar addict, who mask them self as a politician... nor send a preacher in a $4,500.00 suit and $25,000.00 Rolex one red cent.

Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Americans, "you must" choose wisely in all elections, as if all Americans are counting on your sanity. I say don't complain, if you don't vote for genuine change. Because Americans "you don't just have only two choices as hypnotized" , there truly is a better choice; just put the Flavor Aid down for both America's and your children's futures...

The following link will allow you to read what was first available via The Drudge Report over the weekend. And now, even through Drudge archives, you can't find the original.

Amazing that a Russian in Pravda could write a description of American as it is today..... ; click on this link a must read.....

"But a constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored." John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 7, 1775

As our winds blow the clouds from where shadows are cast on "our public servants", and now many elected officials squinting from our revealing light. We the People must continue igniting torch to torch, gathering in numbers exposing light to all donor shadows amongst our elected representatives. Proud Americans as we continue to unite others flames burning deep within, we will eliminate all corporate clouds casting shadows on those governing us. As I looked west at days end April 15, 2009 to see an amber sunsets caused from the dust stirred by our now impatient gatherings; I smell a positive revolutionary change in the winds as we continue moving forward. With your help and continued involvement; Term Limits, We the People must have. Tucker

A 9-12 Project, America's Awakening: June 11, 2009 from 7-9pm at the NYTEX Sports Complex in North Richland Hills, TX

Click on this link for more information , hope I'll see you there next Thursday evening.

***Now you choose between the next to poems/roads***

"If more than our whispers, to be clear"

No more Americans praying, asking who stands,
as we watch the taking of more than our freedoms from this land.
It's become quite clear to us muttons,
(Mutton - a common person. Time period 1863 Civil War Draft Riots)
although muttons we might be.
The "Constitution" was amended,
if you've forgotten December 15, 1791,
the "Bill of Rights written for you and me.

Written to guarantee and protect us from the Groaners
(Groaner - politician and/or tax collector who steal from the congregation)
and the Anglers
(Angler - thief who places a hook on the end of a stick, with which he steals)
of their day.
These two groups still exist even stronger
in the fleecing of hard working Americans
and they've mistaken us, once again as prey.

Nor have they changed their allegiance with the haves as we've prayed.
Who are only good for We the People in their marketing,
insuring their daily shipments of our gold they weigh.

Neither the Groaners, nor the Anglers very smart
to leave us still free Americans with simply lint from their greed.
For until now we freely gave to them being proud Americans,
sympathetic of others needs.
But only do our contributions fill these dollar addict's personal needs
and until now we have shared with these collectors with their known alliances to thieves.

Both groups have become once again so brazen on this day,
that we proud Americans must now make them truly change in their glutting way.
And if today's Groaners and the Anglers continue turning a deaf ear
to what "We the People" say.

I want to lead today's charge with more than just words
as an audible so as to be made crystal clear.
Because until now our Christian deeds have been seen as our weakness
to today Groaner and the Angler, now addicts, they do not fear.

So we want to tell all proud Americans who see government
with corporate nepotism now standing in our way.
You are not alone, for not from one but all proud Americans their whispers, all clear.
Rise up and take back, we are too many for so few to darken yet one more day.
Our troubles are from simple serpents with forked tongues and venom, we will stay.

All we ask of you my fellow countrymen as we assemble to march,
is join with us, united we stand or pray for us pure of heart.
Know in our victory, our cause from your whispers have directed us all,
proud/brave Americans as we unite to never again be seen as apart.

For there is nothing more frightening to any enemy than we proud Americans
united in taking back our American liberties, now at bay.
Particularly frighten to those few simple servants/serpents,
known once again as the Groaners and Anglers
now standing in front of both a strong America and "We the Peoples" way......

Written by your friend for Liberty in TEXAS, Tucker

or this road...

"I would give anything"

As I stare at him now, please God, don't let him look my way.
If he did he might ask, I now have nothing left to say.
He still says I'm his best friend, so I shouldn't feel this way.
But it's been almost two years since I've brought home my last two weeks pay.

Before then with head high, you should have seen us, we were quite the team.
It was fencing, soccer, straight A's and in his eyes, they too had this dream.
It was God, family, education, hard work and with smiles left in between.
I remembered when I would tickle him, man you could sure hear that kid scream.

Although, due to no fault of mine,
once always responsible, mortgage, cars, 401k always on time.
Now there are simply too many of us who've fallen behind.
Once proud Americans on our faces you knew,
although pay check to pay check, we all had plenty to do.
But all suffer now from the privileged few.

That's what's so hard to wrap my head around.
Much less trying to explain to my eleven year old son,
Whom I now watch staring out his window with a frown.
Maybe if those who caused all these bad things,
could explain to my son,
as I look to now see him wipe one more tear from his eye.

Oh God, I would give anything,
if those who caused us to have lost hopes of our dreams.
Maybe it would have changed everything,
if they themselves were the ones now standing here,
who must, look away or cry.

Written by your friend for Liberty in Texas, Tucker

The choice is up to you?

My closing thoughts: "Being wealthy without social responsibility is just another addiction; the elites dollar addiction is destroying this once great America and her middle class. Without middle class in the way, there will never be enough to satisfy today's corporate America with today's professional politicians. Ponder my last statement, go ahead and read it twice, for you; We, middle class no more, the master plan is working, I no longer have time to rise up, I must simply keep my head down to feed my family, besides none of you would stand with me when we had time". Tucker

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I am excited to see some real changes. We are making a difference. Thanks for the encouragment-Dinah Lee

Posted by Dinah Lee Griffey, Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties (Windermere Peninsula Properties) almost 11 years ago