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Good versus Bad

Green is good. I am better than you because I drive an electric car. I feel good about myself for I use less water than you. You are a scum because you use more gas than me. You pollute more than I do.

To the followers of Al Gore, these are lines that they need to learn. See someone driving a big SUV? Let them know that they are not half the caring person that you are. You drive a hybrid. When your neighbor tells you that she is going boating, tell her in no uncertain terms that she is very selfish for using your gas and for polluting your air. Explain to her that she has no right. Go away feeling smug.

As a learning tool of sorts, I have tried to come up with a scoring system that we can all use to decide once and for all just which of us is the better person. I guess we can all agree that anyone who drives a big SUV is a total criminal scumbag. OK. Obviously a person who drives a hybird is a person who really cares. But things get tricky after that.

Is a person who drives an electric car better than the hybird driver? This could be argued from both sides pretty well. You know, pollutants from batteries, electricity generation, etc. How about watering our yards. We should all have installed drought resistant rocks in our yards, but for those who have not, do we rate ourselves according to gallons used? What if we use water to grow food for our impovershed neighbors? Bonus points? Confusion is setting in.

When I go out for a run I use more of our air. Bad. But I save gas by not driving. Good. When I get home I drink more water. Bad. I have solar and wind generators at my home. Good. Well sort of. There are plusses and minusses. I left my PC on yesterday when no one was home. Bad.

No matter how hard I try to decide how good of a person I am, the whole thing is just too complex. I really want to be a better greenaic than my neighbors so I can call them scum. But alas, there is a way. I can buy carbon offsets. Kind of like telling my priest about my sins, but in this case it is much easier. I simply send in my money and I am a better person. Oh wait. Money. I have more than some people. Bad.

Fortunately I am not a follower of Al Gore, nor a wanna be greeniac. 





Comment balloon 2 commentsKevin Robinson • May 28 2009 12:08PM


Sure, they'll come a day when your consumption and use is accorded a rating and the higher the rating you recieve the more you have to pay in taxes/carbon credits etc etc because we should all be so conscientious as our backpack europe for 2 weeks guy/I have a rainbarrel/I drive a hybrid guy. As for me, I'm fine being scum...been called worse

Posted by Brian Kuhns, Fort Wayne Real Estate by Brian Kuhns (Coldwell Banker Roth Wehrly Graber) about 10 years ago

Kevin - it's really not all that complicated.  All you have to do to be smugly better than anyone else is assure you're filling Al Gore's pockets with money.  He'll give you the desired indulgences so long as you're lining his pockets with enough money.

Posted by David Holzmann (Holzmann & Associates) about 10 years ago