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Fork in the road

In horseshoes and hand grenades close matters. In everything else, no go. I would like to add one more item to that list: the extermination of Jews.

How close must we come to the total destruction of the Jewish race again? Right now Israel is basically fighting for its life. Iran has made no bones about the fact that it would like to blow Israel off the map.  The Palestinians want Israel to stop building outposts in what it, and most Muslim controlled countries believe to be Palestinian land. The US is now urging Israel to stop. By siding against Israel, we are only strengthening its enemies.

It looks like our leadership is starting to align itself with Muslim oriented countries. This is a bad turn of events for Israel which depends heavily on us for support, especially against all of the neighbors bent on its destruction.

This scenario is starting to look like something out of the 1940's. The history lesson aside, which route should we take?

Comment balloon 3 commentsKevin Robinson • May 28 2009 11:37AM


I am a supporter of Israel. When they feel like they need to handle business, I think we should either help them, or shut up and stay out of the way. When we started fighting the war on terror, I seem to recall Israel stepping in and going after some high ranking members of various terrorist cells. I also recall many of our politicians speaking out against Israels decision to use force and that it was excessive. There is no such thing as excessive when you are fighting for your life. Of course we do not understand that.

Posted by JL Boney, III, Columbia, SC Real Estate (Coldwell Banker) about 10 years ago

Kevin - you missed one other area where "close counts" - and it's VERY pertinent to the situation you're talking about: nuclear weapons.  As Iran beligerantly pursues the nuclear option, Israel's people's continued survival chances diminish... at least from a humanistic perspective.

Posted by David Holzmann (Holzmann & Associates) about 10 years ago

Kevin - close also counts in bad breath and BO. That being said, I do believe we should strongly support Israel. However, they should not be building and expanding into lands that they gave to the Palestinians. That would be kind of like the U.S. government saying, hey, go ahead and build that development on the Navajo reservation.

I have been to Israel several times and I have really enjoyed the country and the people. I am very much behind them and believe that the current administrations backing off of our historical relationship just to appease some Arab/Persian states is the wrong approach.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) about 10 years ago