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Reid wants the "Fast Track" Procedues to push Global Warming Tax/ Socialized Healthcare!! Wake Up People! Do something don't just complain after the fact!!

Please Re-Blog get the word out!!

Congress is set to take up the Obama Budget beginning at 11am Monday. Rumor has it "the budget will be on the floor all next week."

UPDATE--Reid is now talking about using the so-called "fast track" procedures to push through the Global Warming Tax AND Socialized healthcare. This will be an additional disaster for America!
Just a heads up!

Harry Reid is looking for ways to fast track Obama's health care overhaul and block a GOP filibuster.

Reality is crashing down on Pres. Obama's plans for massive spending (which requires massive borrowing). Now the UN is picking up on China's plan to dump the dollar as the international currency.

Hiding a Mountain Of Debt  David S. Broder

...With a bit of bookkeeping legerdemain borrowed from the Bush administration, the Democratic Congress is about to perform a...


Want to make a difference!! Here are a few opportunites right now before it is to late.

Tell your Senators and Representative to reject the President's dangerous and wasteful fiscal 2010 budget proposal today!  Please click the link below or visit the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste's web site,, to send a letter today.

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I wonder if HR1955 is going to apply to this? If you have been wondering what you can do, go here.



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