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My secretary's husband had a bad hair day yesterday!

bad hair dayI apologize for not having a real picture of James from yesterday but I was not there when his hair was rearranged!

My secretary, Donna told me she almost called in sick because of an incident her husband had. All sorts of things ran through my head as James does things differently than most normal people.

For instance, last fall Donna called him home from work because she saw a "huge" snake in the garage. He came home and went in the house and came back into the garage with his shotgun and proceeded to rid the garage of the snake. Instead, "snake" was splattered all over that garage,literally!

Now back to the real story here: Donna was cooking and the bottom element in the oven shorted out and started a small fire that quickly went out. She called James from outside and he said not to worry that it is only a burned out element and he can take care of this. Donna knowing her husband said, "are you sure you want to fix this, I can get a repairman out to do it". James said, " you can count on me to take good care of it".

As James was taking out the screws to remove the element, suddently there was a violent crack(or pop) a puff of smoke and James knocked across the room with hat blown off and his hair standing straight up. I know I would have won the $100,000 prize on America's funniest home videos! This picture probable describes pretty well what James looked like as he was laying there!

After asking if James was ok, I then proceeded to laugh almost uncontrollable!

To finish the story, the stove did catch on fire and James and Donna(as I write this) have gone to the appliance store to get a new kitchen stove.

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I can never let my daughter see this photo or he will have a look alike. LOL-Dinah Lee

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