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Cut spending

Cut spending. Cut spending. Cut spending.

It is so easy. We do not need high speed railways and all that other nonsense.

Cut the czars and their departments. Cut any govt subsidies to Planned Parenthood, the NEA, PBS, the Post Office, Amtrak, any farmers that do not grow food, corporate welfare of any type, money going to any country that talks any crap about us.

Cut the living you  know what out of all Senators so-called office expenses. One office, one frickin aide, one secretary, no special car, driver, gym, cafeteria, hair salon, massage parlor, airplanes, christmas cards, whatever Do the same for Congress folks. Give them the same social security we get, the same medical our armed forces get, and no retirement. It is a service job, not a flippin career.

Tell the UN it is our way or the highway, and cut all money to the likes of third world countires with dictators that just live off our money anyways. No more Imelda Marcos with the shoes and all that stuff.

No more money for illegals. None. No free education or health care on our dime or dollar. End it now!!!

For anyone who wants welfare, that is OK, for a short time, but we are going to change the rules. No owning a 60 inch TV and $100 shoes. No fancy wheels. No tats or piercings cause they cost money. And you get to clean up our litter and graffiti everyday on a work detail until you get a job.

Our President put together a special bipartisan commitee to figure out how to handle the deficit and social security but when they came up with their verdict, cut spending, he forgot about them.

Lets keep reminding those that we elect that we own the company and they work for us. Employees do not get better benefits, nor do they get paid more than those for whom they work. What would be the point.

We gave them one last chance, both Republicans and Democrats. We were not kidding around.





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