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Politics and us

John Mosier's blog about  searching for a conservative Christian real estate agent got me thinking about how it is considered taboo to speak about politics, religion, or sex in business dealings. Supposedly if we give out views on any of the above, we will chase customers away in droves.

I will be the first to admit that listening to Bruce Springsteen talking politics is enough to drive this conservative Christian out of his head. Me and Bruce are 180 degrees out of phase with each other on politics, but I still listen to his stuff now and then.

Up here in Idaho, I have done pretty good by letting folks know where I stand. It is true however that many folks move to Idaho as a means of escaping the Marxist like states that almost surround us. Throwing a bit of red-blooded, libertarian leaning, freedom loving speech into my ads will definitely help more than hurt in this part of the country, whereas in Southern Cal it might get me thrown out of town.

Here on AR there are those who constantly strive to get all political talk thrown out. They just want to stick to simple real estate. Lets talk houses and mortgages they say. How hard is that?

Have you ever been to an office party? I don't mean a party at the office, or a company sanctioned party, I am referring to a party at a coworkers home, at which many colleagues are in attendance. There always seems to be a 'no talking about work rule' invoked by the host, but the rule usually gets thrown out within minutes. Why? Because work and politics are both a thorn in our side, and we all love to give our two cents about anything like that.  In addition both politics and work are great conversation starters.

Anytime that we agree with someone on politics, we instantly have something in common with another person.  A bond is forged. Disagree on politics and the opposite could quickly become the outcome.  Some folks have long memories when it comes to politics.

To politic or not? Should I give out my views on things or not? Will I pick up customers or chase them away?

Maybe I will just stick to discussing sex and forget politics.




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